The Light of Hope | Act IV

Diablo: Every moment I delay you, I draw closer to my ultimate victory.



  • Find Itherael


  • Talk to Itherael

Itherael: I am Itherael, archangel of Fate. It is my duty to record what is and what will be within the Scroll of Fate. But you, nephalem — you are not in the scroll. Your fate is unwritten.

Necromancer: I would see the angels saved and the Heavens restored.

Itherael: Perhaps… fate can be changed. Quickly, then! Auriel, archangel of Hope, has been captured by Rakanoth, the Lord of Despair.

Necromancer: I will free her.


  • Find the Library of Fate in the Gardens of Hope

Enter the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier.

Templar: Keep your guard up. There are foes at every turn.

At the crossroads, go straight west to find the Library of Fate.


  • Enter the Library of Fate in the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier

An archangel has been captured during Diablo’s invasion. Auriel, the archangel of Hope, is perhaps the most instrumental in motivating the angelic Host to fight valiantly in the face of a threat. Clearly Diablo made a strategic decision to target her.


  • Kill Rakanoth in the Library of Fate in the Gardens of Hope Tier 1

Rakanoth: You think yourself free from the chains of fate, nephalem, but all will kneel before Lord Diablo!


  • Destroy Auriel’s Prison in the Library of Fate

Diablo: My armies flow through the Hell rifts. Heaven will be destroyed long before you set one foot into the Silver Spire!

Click Auriel’s Prison.


  • Talk to Auriel in the Library of Fate

Auriel: Thank you, nephalem. I hoped the Scroll of Fate was wrong, that harmony would once again fill this troubled realm. I see now that all hope lies in you.

Necromancer: How strange.

Auriel: With my blessing you can now dispel Diablo’s corruption. It hides the rifts which bring his cursed servants to this hallowed place. The rifts must be closed.

Templar: It would be an honor, my lady.


  • Return to Gardens of Hope 1st Tier

I should have known that Auriel would have the determination to halt Diablo’s invasion. She has explained how to repel Diablo’s corruption and loosen his grip on the Heavens. If only the other angels were so reasonable.


Necromancer: I have found Auriel, the Archangel of Hope. With her aid, the High Heavens may yet prevail, though Tyrael is still lost.

Diablo’s presence scars these halls… and the battle rages on in his infernal portals.

Templar: It’s awfully quiet. Prepare yourself, friend. Evil lurks here.

Note: Click the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier portal in front of Auriel.


  • Find and destroy the Corrupt Growths to reveal the hidden Hell Rift portal in the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier

Templar: That corruption was strongest to the northeast, as I remember.

Note: Unless it is random, the Hell Rift is at this location — as the Templar said: northeast.

Diablo: Look upon the gardens. Now they seethe with the corruption of Hell!

Note: enter the Hell Rift.


  • Destroy the Rift Oculus in the Hell Rift


Templar: By the Light, I never wanted to see this demon squalor again!

Diablo: So, you approach the oculus with the aim to destroy it? You will not succeed!

Auriel: Well done, nephalem. Diablo’s vile minions can no longer use this rift to find their way into the Silver City. Now, only one rift remains.

Note: Enter the Gardens of Hope 1st Tier portal that spawns behind Auriel.


  • Enter the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier

Dark, chaotic energy seethes within the Hell rifts. Under better circumstances, it would be interesting to study further, but there is no time for that now.


Diablo: That is not the only Hell rift. The flow of my legions will not stop.

Head south, and destroy the Corrupt Growth blocking the path to the east.

Templar: Danger looms around every corner. We should be on our guard.

Note: Go through the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier portal.


  • Find and destroy the Corrupt Growths to reveal the hidden Hell Rift portal in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier


Diablo: I draw closer to victory, nephalem. You are too late, just as you always have been.

Templar: There is no shortage of foes up here. Diablo works quickly.

Necromancer: But his work can still be undone.

Note: Unless the Hell Rift spawns randomly, I found it to the south near the shrine. Destroy the Corrupted Growth to reveal it.


  • Destroy the Rift Oculus in the Hell Rift

One by one, the minions of Hell fall before me. It will not be long before I can face Diablo himself, and either restore the Balance or give my life in the attempt.


Diablo: If you destroy the oculus, my Hell rift will consume you!

Note: Destroy the Rift Oculus shown below.

Auriel: The Hell rifts are closed! You have far exceeded my expectations, nephalem, but there is not a moment to waste. Quickly — you must make your way to the Silver Spire.

Note: Take the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier portal behind Auriel.


  • Escape the Hell Rift before it collapses
  • Use Auriel’s portal to leave the Hell Rift

The rifts are shut, but too many demons have already entered this realm. It will be no small task defeating them all.


Diablo: The Hell rifts are closed, but it is of no matter. Soon there will be nothing left of these High Heavens… All creation will be the Realm of Terror!


  • Find the portal to the Crystal Colonnade

Note: Go all the way east to the end, then north. A yellow exclamation mark points the location of Tyrael who has a quest.


  • Talk to Tyrael at the portal to the Crystal Colonnade in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier

Tyrael is here… I must speak with him.

Necromancer: Tyrael!

Tyrael: Yes, my friend. I am ready to again fight by your side. I was wrong to give in to despair. You have shown me there is still a chance for victory. But we must hurry. Even now Diablo makes his way to the Silver Spire! I finally understand. Your kind faces death and darkness every day, yet still you find the courage to move forward. It is an honor to be one of you.


  • Enter the Crystal Colonnade from the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier

I must admit, it is a relief to have Tyrael’s cooperation once again. How curious that angels themselves can become vulnerable to despair so easily.

Note: Take the Crystal Colonnade portal that spawns near Tyrael.


Quest Complete.



EnchantressI found a strange document on one of the angels’ bodies in the High Heavens. It is very old, maybe centuries even older than I.
NecromancerWhat does it say?
EnchantressI am not certain. The script is very old and foreign to me. When I saw the angel, he was dying… but even though he was in great pain, he reached out to me with the document in his hand… like he wanted me to take it. By the time I approached him, he was still. His spirit had already gone.

Covetous ShenDo you think that Leah is lost forever?
NecromancerHer soul remains, but it is powerless.
Covetous ShenDo you not think Leah’s soul is stronger than that? But, oh, but then sometimes I — I forget that you have not seen everything that I have seen.
NecromancerThen enlighten me, old man. If that is what you truly are…
Covetous ShenEr, what am I? I am Covetous Shen, of course — no more, no less. To some, that has meant one thing; to others, another.
NecromancerWhen will you tell me what it means to you?
Covetous ShenWhen the sun sets in the east and the shore swallows the tide. When the moon smiles upon the day and the blind man sees once again.

MyriamYou will soon free Auriel and bring her hope back to the High Heavens, sending Despair to a well-deserved death.
NecromancerYou are certain of that?
MyriamI left my people and everyone I loved to help you on your journey. I have no doubt you will succeed. You need to have more faith in yourself.


MyriamSo, now you know — the nephalem are not in the Scroll of Fate. Heard it from Fate himself. You can write your own destiny.
NecromancerThen how can you see it?
MyriamPerhaps I have my own nephalem powers, eh? That — and you are quite predictable.

Haedrig EamonI’m sorry for what I said before. I was upset. I don’t know what it is, but I feel better, like things can be made right.
NecromancerYou are hopeful.
Haedrig EamonYes, that’s it exactly. My wife would not have wanted me to wallow in my misery. She would have wanted me to do everything I could do help you win this battle. And you can win. I know that now.

Villager: I was a fool to doubt you. You truly are a wonder!

Boy: I looked through the portal.
Girl: You did not!
Boy: Did so. It’s scary in there.

Small Boy: I heard Dason’s mum say that you were sent by Akarat to save us. Is it true?
Necromancer: Not Akarat. I serve one called Rathma.

Captain Haile: Bloody hell. You’re still alive. What in blazes do they make people out of where you come from?
Necromancer: Wielding death magic has its advantages. But you are much better suited to holding these people together.
Captain Haile: Absolutely, my lady. If you can charge the gates of Heaven on your own, I can keep spirits up around here. You there! Damotrius! Stop moping about! If this was your funeral, I’m bloody well certain you would have been told!
Damotrius: Sorry, sir.

Nikola: You amaze me. So much loss, and you keep fighting. Thank you.

Soldier: Blood of Rakkis! What does it take to stop that one?
Soldier 2: Even if we live long enough to have grandchildren, they’ll never believe us.

Soldier: She’s back. Can you believe it? She’s back from Heaven!
Soldier 2: Not just that. She’s winning!

Villager: There’s no stopping you, is there?
Necromancer: Not yet.


ItheraelOnly once in the history of Sanctuary has a nephalem been as powerful as you. His name was Uldyssian.
NecromancerSome call him a myth.
ItheraelHe was no myth. Because of his noble sacrifice, I saw the inherent potential in your kind. As such, I voted with Auriel to spare mankind from annihilation.
NecromancerTyrael blamed us for Diablo’s return, yet we are all that stands between the angels and certain death.

NecromancerHow can you look into the future?
ItheraelI see the myriad streams of possibility, all intertwining and weaving into one another. I can hear them echoing forward into eternity.
NecromancerBut you cannot choose the paths?
ItheraelI am not called to be a champion as you are. My role is simply to observe.

NecromancerWhat is the foretold end of this battle?
ItheraelDoom and darkness. These Heavens ruined… The angelic Host broken… Diablo victorious.
NecromancerIt cannot be.
ItheraelAs I have said, nephalem, your destiny is unwritten. You alone may change these dark times.

AurielI knew you would come, that a champion from the mortal world would light our darkest hour. Your courage and nobility shine out across this realm, blinding our enemies.
NecromancerI do not deserve such praise. Had I acted faster, this darkness never would have come to pass.
AurielI know you will do all you can, for this is your hour. Go forth with my blessing and show all creation why the nephalem are the future!

NecromancerTyrael is no longer himself.
AurielThere is a shadow upon his heart, but it will pass. Remember, he chose to be a mortal, and he must overcome this despair as a mortal.
NecromancerThat is what worries me.
AurielHave faith in him. Of all the archangels, his light has always shone the brightest. In this, our darkest hour, he will ensure that justice prevails.

NecromancerWhat will you do now?
AurielThough the angelic Host is scattered, we are not defeated. I will try to rally them as best I can.

NecromancerHow do you believe Diablo can be defeated?
AurielOnly in the light that lies within you, nephalem. I will take heart from it and hope for your victory. The future is ever writing itself, unknowable, just beyond sight and touch.

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