Leah: The soulstone seems stable now.

Adria: The demon’s rage has been subdued.

Tyrael: Yes, but for how long? Our time grows short! We must take this fight to Azmodan!

Necromancer: To the battlefields, then!



  • Go through the Arreat Gate outside the Bastion’s Keep Stronghold

Defending the keep will only get us so far. The time has come to press the attack on the fields themselves, and show Azmodan that he has grievously underestimated us.

Tyrael: Can you feel the keep shuddering? Azmodan’s siege weapons. Saving these walls will have meant nothing if they’re reduced to rubble.

Necromancer: Indeed. I’ll defend them.

Templar: At last!

Note: Go to the Bastion’s Keep Stronghold, then leave through the gate to the outdoor.

Go straight. A door is opened — leading outside of the fortress into The Arreat Gate.


Necromancer: The keep is secure. Our fight continues in the battlefields.

where Azmondan’s war machines rain death on our soldiers.


  • Talk to Sergeant Pale east of the Arreat Gate outside the Bastion’s Keep Stronghold


Soldier: Do you think she’s as good as they say?

Soldier 2: She wouldn’t have made it this far otherwise.

Templar: It feels good to be on a battlefield again.

Sergeant Pale: Thank the gods you’re here! You’ve got to destroy those ballistae; they’re raining hell down upon us! We can’t last much longer!


  • Cross the Bridge of Korsikk in the Battlefields

Note: Continue moving diagonally in a straight line until you reach the border, then explore to the east until you find a path forward. You might need to go downstairs and go through obstacles. Once you get past the bridge, you will find The Bridge of Korsikk Waypoint.


You will find the 3 ballistae in the Fields of Slaughter. The mini map shows the ballistae icon when you are closeby.


Destroy the Demonic Ballistae and the Trebuchet Device on the Fields of Slaughter northeast of the Bridge of Korsikk.

  • Demonic Ballistae destroyed (0/3)
  • Trebuchet destroyed (0/1)

The Trebuchet is hidden behind this gate.

Templar: By the Light! That must be the trebuchet. Strike now!

Destroy all the Demonic Ballista.

Vision of Azmodan: I do not need my siege weapons to slay you. You stand in the middle of the Army of Hell. It will crush you!

Necromancer: You waste your breath, demon.


  • Talk to Tyrael at Rakkis Crossing northeast of the Fields of Slaughter

With the war machines felled, it only makes sense to continue onward toward the crater. It is hard to anticipate what I shall see there… The books of the necropolis library only contained vague descriptions of the Burning Hells: realms of smoke and fire and endless peril.

Tyrael: I could no longer sit idly by while you brought the fight to Azmodan. It has been too long since I felt the thrill of battle myself.

Vision of Azmodan: Destroying my siege weapons makes little difference! Every hour, more of my forces pour forth from the mouth of Hell. Soon, they will wipe your pathetic keep from existence.

Tyrael: Brave words, Azmodan! But words are all you have left to hurl at us. Forward, friend! Now we shall drive Azmodan’s army back into the accursed crater!

Necromancer: Together, we can defeat them.

Tyrael: The battle is ours!



NecromancerOur fight nears its end.
AdriaThis war will never end for me. Even if we defeat all evil forever. I will carry the scars of this nightmare till the end of my days.
NecromancerBut you have reunited with your daughter.
AdriaI wish Leah could have the life I never had. But in truth, I fear she’ll be damned as well.
NecromancerAnd yet… I’ve never seen anyone who is as much a stranger to fear as you, Adria.

NecromancerHow did the Eternal Conflict begin?
TyraelSince time immemorial, the forces of Heaven and Hell fought for control of the sacred Worldstone… until the day it was stolen by renegades and used to forge your world.
Since then, the forces of Hell became more interested in corrupting mankind than in facing us on the field of battle.
NecromancerWe are their new weapons.
TyraelThey knew that mankind would tip the balance of power forever. And very clearly, you have.

NecromancerHow was our world created?
TyraelTo escape the Eternal Conflict, a group of renegade angels and demons came together and created a hidden paradise for themselves. They called this world Sanctuary.
Eventually, they commingled. They gave birth to mankind. That is why you have both good and evil within you… and the power of both realms as your birthright.
The power of your nephalem ancestors was so terrifying to their parents that they tuned the Worldstone to weaken them. They knew they had loosed something… unimaginable upon creation.


EnchantressI remember standing before the Prophet. My life hung by a thread, but he… he healed me and my sisters.
NecromancerHe was a mage?
EnchantressNo, not precisely. I do not know what his true nature was… only that he possessed great power. He said we had done well to slay the daemons. He was very kind… When we had recovered, he offered to train us further.
NecromancerYou agreed.
EnchantressYes. I owe him my life. Slaying the Lords of Hell would please him. It is the least I can do.

Soldier: I told you, Markus! I told you the demons would find a way up from underneath!
Markus: I heard that hero slaughtered a huge fat one in the larder. I’m never eating anything from there again!

Soldier: Hold on, there she goes!
Soldier 2: We hear you’re heading out onto the battlefields. We’ll hold the gates, but I don’t think you need us to!
Necromancer: Maintain your vigilance. It will be needed before this ends.

Where’s my wife? Is she all right?
Let me up! I can still fight!
Does it look bad?
Tell Captain Haile I’m sorry.
It hurts!
Please don’t let my children see me like this.
I’m so thirsty.
Someone, talk to me!
I don’t see anything. Why is it so dark in here?

Nikola: When this is all over, we should have a family.
Drian: A what?
Nikola: Children, Drian. We can have children.
Drian: That sounds wonderful. I think I’m needed back on the wall.

Small Boy: My da’ isn’t coming back, is he?
Necromancer: I have not seen him. Do you know what became of your mother?
Small Boy: She died on the first night. What should I do?
Necromancer: Remain calm. Your father will return to you if he can.

Boy: Let’s play Defend the Keep!
Girl: No.
Boy: Why not?
Girl: Because you’ll want me to be the fat demon she killed.

Villager: I’m not afraid for myself. No mother wants to see their children die, let alone in a place like this.

Covetous ShenYou’re going out there?
Covetous ShenMake sure you bundle up. You should probably wear an extra layer or two. You can never be warm enough, I always say.
NecromancerYet you wear the same thing wherever you go.
Covetous ShenOh, well, it’s quite simple. I just tuck a few fire opals in my pockets and under my shirts, and I never get cold. As good as a pair of long underwear.

Soldier: Things are looking up, Marta. There’s barely anything left to kill.
Marta: I knew you could do it.
Soldier: There are other soldiers about besides me, if you haven’t noticed.
Marta: No. I haven’t.

Former Mayor HolusNow’s the time to run, isn’t it? While there’s a lull in the fighting?
NecromancerIt is never time to run.

Haedrig EamonThe men look to you to lead them. When they see you laying waste to the demon hordes, they are heartened. As you go, so does this battle. Always remember that.

Villager: I heard what you did down below. I hope that demon filth is terrified of you.
Necromancer: Terrified or not, they will die all the same.

act 1
1. The Fallen Star2. The Legacy of Cain3. The Shattered Crown4. Reign of the Black King
5. Sword of the Stranger6. The Broken Blade7. The Doom in Wortham8. Trailing the Coven
9. The Imprisoned Angel10. Return to Tristram
act 2
1. Shadows in the Desert2. The Road to Alcarnus3. City of Blood4. A Royal Audience
5. Unexpected Allies6. Betrayer of the Horadrim7. Blood and Sand8. The Black Soulstone
9. The Scouring of Caldeum10. Lord of Lies
Act 3
1. The Siege of Bastion's Keep2. Turning the Tide3. The Breached Keep4. Tremors in the Stone
5. Machines of War6. Siegebreaker7. Heart of Sin8. Cinematic: The Diamond Gate
act 4
1. Fall of the High Heavens2. The Light of Hope3. Beneath the Spire4. Prime Evil
5. Cinematic: A New Dawn

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