Diablo Immortal vendors / merchants can mostly be found in Westmarch, with some exceptions. Every main hub in each zone has at least a Blacksmith, Identifier, and a Jewelcrafter Apprentice. But those lack other core merchants.

The city of Westmarch has additional merchants such as:

  • Blacksmith
  • Reforge Stone Vendor
  • Essence Transfer Merchant
  • Charms Craftman
  • Honor Merchant
  • Crest Merchant
  • Fading Ember Trader
  • Apprentice Jeweler
  • Crystal Merchant
  • Rarities & Antiquities (Gambling)

Diablo Immortal Vendors / Merchants

But these are not all we might find in Diablo Immortal, as there are still Elder systems that were removed from closed alpha and may be revealed in Beta.

Below you can see what the merchants sell, UI screenshots, and videos showing them in action.

The Blacksmith in Westmarch is a well-known character from Diablo II Act I. Charsi has special services that no other Blacksmith in each zone has. As you might remember, canonically the Diablo II player brought to her the Malus -- which she uses now in Diablo Immortal to upgrade, reforge, and transfer item ranks. An additional service Charsi offers after completing the Helliquary questline is to Refine Scoria.


  • Salvage items to gain Upgrade materials.
  • Materials obtained from Salvage are dependent on the quality of the item.
  • Salvaging an upgraded item returns all of the upgrade materials used.


Items can be broken down and used as materials to upgrade your equipment. The most common materials used to upgrade Legendary items up to Rank 5 are Scrap Materials and Enchanted Dust. Beyond Rank 5, it is common to see an additional material requirement: Glowing Shard. Glowing Shards are obtained from salvaging a Legendary Item you don't need.

Enchanted Dust can be obtained from salvaging Magic and Rare Equipment, but a really good source is completing events like the Haunted Carriage in Ashwold Cemetery, and the Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain, the Lost Pages of Kulle's Secret Chamber in Zoltun Kulle's Library. As your Legendary item goes past Rank 5, the bottleneck to upgrade these becomes Enchanted Dust requirements which can go up to 0/100, 0/150 and so on.

  • Only rare and legendary items can be upgraded.
  • Upgrading improves the basic and bonus attributes of items.
  • Rare items have a max rank of 5, but legendary items can reach rank 20.
  • Bonus attributes are awarded at rank 6, 11, and 16.
  • If all three bonuses on an item are from the same family, a set bonus is awarded.
  • Starting at rank 6, these bonus attributes can be Reforged.


Reforge adds special bonuses to your Legendary Items from a variety of bonus families. You will need a Reforge stone from the Reforge Stone Merchant, and have a Legendary Item Rank 6+ in order to use this service.

  • Reforge Stones allow you to change a chosen Bonus Attribute on an item.
  • Using a family-specific Reforge Stone guarantees that you will get a bonus from that family.


For Rank Transfer to work you need a Head item of any Rank and another Head Item (usually an item that is an upgrade to you). Click Rank Transfer and the rank of the old item is going to be transferred to your upgrade item. Gems are also transferred unless the upgrade item is missing one or more sockets. In that case, always make sure to remove gems from your old item after its rank has been transferred.

  • Select two items of different ranks to perform a rank transfer.
  • The lower rank item will receive the rank and any Bonus Attributes of the higher rank item. The higher rank item will receive the rank and any Bonus Attributes of the lower rank item.
  • Rare Items cannot gain a Rank above 5.


After completing the Helliquary questline when you were on your way to leveling to max level, you will unlock Charsi's service to Refine Scoria. Completing Daily Bounties rewards you 4 Scoria per set of 4 Bounties. You can complete 12 Bounties per day, for a total of 12 Scoria per day. However, sometimes the Honor Merchant might have Scoria available for sale. You can buy Scoria for 50 Honor from the Honor Merchant if you are an Adventurer. Shadows can't buy them from the Honor Merchant.

Once any of your Legendary Items (Head, Chest, Shoulder, Legs, Main Hand or Off-Hand) is upgraded to Rank 6, the Reforge service is unlocked at Charsi (Blacksmith). It is then when you should buy Reforge Stones at the Reforge Stone Vendor named Yverius.

If you are a Free-to-Play player, you can acquire Reforge Stones from the Honor Merchant for 200 Honor with a Weekly Purchase limit of 8/8.

Other sources: the Free-Track Battle Pass will reward you a Reforge Stone at Battle Pass Rank 26 and 30. But those two sources provide a random Reforge Stone family. Not the one you want necessarily.

It is recommended to buy a Reforge Stone from Yverius, and not from the Honor Merchant -- if you are willing to pay with real-money Eternal Orbs. Yverius sells these Reforge Stones for 100 Eternal Orbs.

You can also buy Reforge Stones straight from the SHOP button found in the menu.

You can buy a specific Reforge Stone family: Wildfire, Tremor, Jolt, Vengeance, Barrier or Ravager -- removing the RNG factor from the Honor Merchant's generic Reforge Stone which decides a random family for you.

  • Wildfire Stone – You have a 2% chance when you kill an enemy to summon a fireball-spitting Hydra.
  • Tremor Stone – Your Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to inflict 5155 damage and Stun nearby enemies for 1.5 sec.
  • Jolt Stone – You have a 2% chance when attacked to Immobilize your attacker.
  • Vengeance Stone – Your Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to increase all damage you deal by 100% for 1 sec.
  • Barrier Stone – You have a 2% chance when attacked to gain an absorption shield for 6 sec.
  • Ravager Stone – You have a 2% chance when you kill an enemy to make the corpse explode, damaging all nearby enemies.


The Essence Transfer Vendor named Zamina is located south of the Apprentice Jewelcrafter, by the corner, in Westmarch.

The Essence Transfer borrows elements from the Kanai Cube and the Transmogrifier. Say you are a Crusader with a Tumult (main-hand). The Blade Storm inscription says: "Falling Sword now summons a storm of blades around it, continually damaging all nearby enemies." The main-hand is power 10,821. Suddenly, you loot an upgrade. It is a Closing-Jaws (main-hand) with the inscription: "Sweep Attack now pulls all enemies it strikes to you." It is power 12,100.

Here you have a dilemma. Your preferred gameplay style is to use the Falling Sword skill with the Blade Storm inscription, but this new upgrade has a Sweep Attack inscription instead -- which means you lose the Falling Sword skill, and now have to switch your skill to Sweep Attack. You don't want that, but you want the upgrade (power 12,100).

Here is what to do. Right away, click the upgrade item. Transfer the Rank from your current item to the upgrade item. Go to the Essence Transfer vendor. Extract the essence of your Tumult weapon (or any other Legendary item). It will destroy that item, and extract its Blade Storm essence and 3D model. Now you can use that essence to inherit that inscription.

  • Essence can be extracted from any Legendary item.
  • Extracted Essence can then be transferred onto other Legendary items of the same type (Head to Head, or Shoulders to Shoulders, etc.)
  • Extracting Essence from a Legendary item will permanently destroy the item, however the extracted Essence can be reapplied to multiple items.

This video shows you how to Extract an Essence.

The video below shows all of the Legendary Item essences and their 3D models for the Crusader class.


  • Items inheriting Essence will adopt the extracted item's name, appearance (3D model), and legendary attributes (inscription).
  • Inherited items can be reset to their original state at any time.

The Charm Craftman Vas Concellos in Westmarch allows you to salvage, upgrade, extract or imbue Charms. Charms can be purchased from the Honor Merchant, drop from monsters, and is rewarded from the Free-Track Battle Pass at Rank 16 and 36.


  • Charms ranked 1-4 can be Salvaged to obtain Alchemical Powder.
  • Alchemical Powder can be used to upgrade Charms.


  • Upgrade a Charm using Alchemical Powder to add new skill bonuses.
  • Bonuses are randomly chosen from all classes.
  • Charms can be upgraded to a maximum of Rank 5.


Extracting the skills of a Charm costs 500 Platinum (currency earned from completing 12 Daily Bounties).

  • You can Extract a Skill Stone from a Rank 5 Charm.
  • Extraction consumes the Charm.
  • The Extracted Skill Stone is imprinted with the skills that were on the Charm.


  • Rank 5 Charms can be imbued by a Skill Stone (you can extract a Charm to obtain a Skill Stone or buy it from the Market).
  • Imbuing replaces one of the augmented skills on a Charm with a skill chosen randomly from the skills imprinted on the Skill Stone.
  • You will be able to choose to accept the new bonus or keep the existing one.
  • Imbued bonuses can appear as +1, +2, or +3 to a skill.
  • Each skill can only appear once on a Charm.

The Honor Merchant Lieutenant Fizriah has three tabs: General, Immortals, and Limited Time. He can be found at the northeast-most corner of the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch. The currency used here is Honor. These Honor tokens can be obtained from completing your 12 Daily Bounties, completing Codex Exploration achievements, or these specific Codex Activities: Battlegrounds, Raid the Vault.


You can buy rare items with Honor. Sold out items will be available again after a certain time limit. Some of these items have Weekly or Monthly Purchase Limits. In this General Tab he sells:

  • One Legendary Crest (for Elder Rifts) per month for 3000 Honor.
  • One Mystery Legendary Item per week for 3000 Honor.
  • One Ca'arsen's Invigoration (legendary gem) per month for 3000 Honor.
  • One Rare Crest (for Elder Rifts) per week for 500 Honor.
  • Ten Choice of Gems per week for 200 Honor each (or 2000 Honor for all 10 gems).
  • Scoria (only sold to Adventurers. Shadows can't buy these).
  • Eight Reforge Stones per week for 200 Honor each.
  • Twenty Charms per week for 100 Honor each.


These are commodities especially for Immortals as rewards for the contributions they've made in protecting Sanctuary. They are available for Immortals exclusively; some higher-level items can only be purchased when the Immortal's Dominance reaches a specific rank.

  • Raw Essentia x 2 per week for 50 Honor each.
  • Rare Crest x 1 per week for 500 Honor.
  • Mystery Legendary Item x 1 per week for 3000 Honor.
  • Ca'arsen's Invigoration (Legendary Gem) x 1 per month for 3000 Honor.
  • Legendary Crest (for Elder Rifts) x 1 per week for 3000 Honor.


The Limited Time varies every certain amount of hours which is displayed at the top. You have the ability to toggle notifications when the items become available.

New items are on sale daily at 12:00 and 20:00. If you're lucky, you might be able to buy especially rare items!

The Crest Merchant Jondo Mouren sells Rare Crests and Legendary Crests. He may be found between the Elder Rifts portal and the Bounty Board in the Place Courtyard of Westmarch.

If you have Eternal Orbs, there are no limits how many you can purchase.

If you are a Free-to-Play player, you have a limit of 1 Legendary Crest per day for 3000 Platinum.

WHERE TO FIND PLATINUM: Platinum can be obtained in-game by completing 12 Daily Bounties (where you can earn 150 Platinum per day or 4500 Platinum per month). You can also obtain platinum for real money at the SHOP.

The Fading Ember Trader Cellik is found between the Bounty Board and the Elder Rifts portal in the Palace Courtyard of Westmarch.

He sells a limited variety of Legendary Gems and Runes in exchange of Fading Ember (obtained by enhancing Elder Rifts with Crests). It is a catch up mechanic to buy extra Legendary Gems and Runes -- but at a steep price considering how low amounts of Fading Embers you are rewarded.

  • Enhance Elder Rifts with Crests to earn Fading Embers.
  • Every Crest used by a party member increases the total Fading Embers earned for all party members.
  • Trade Fading Embers here for Runes and Legendary Gems.

The Crystal Merchant Luuko sells an Echo Crystal that is used to upgrade Normal Gems above Rank 5 for 500 Platinum. He can be found next to the Apprentice Jewelcrafter in the Rakkis Plaza of Westmarch.

TIP: Where to find Platinum? Platinum x 150 is obtained by completing 12 Daily Bounties per day (for a total of 4500 Platinum per 30 days). Optionally, Platinum is purchased for real money at the in-game Shop.

The Rarities and Antiquities Merchant Yakin can be found near the Market, a few yards to the south.

He provides the Diablo I service: Gambling. You can gamble up to 20 times per day, but be careful not to gamble the same type of item more than 10 items per day. Past 10 the price grows by factors of 100%, then 200%, then 400% and so on. I went from 940K down to 20K in 19 rolls of the same item type. Not recommended unless you have millions in gold to waste. Stay within 10 gambles per item type for efficiency.

Note: Don't worry. I spent that much gold during closed alpha so you don't have to find out the harsh way. Be warned I rolled 36 times, and got no Legendary items from that gamble attempt.

  • You can buy mystery items from Yakin that vary in quality.
  • As your level increases, Yakin's equipment will also increase in power.
  • The price will rise for each subsequent item purchased on the same day.

The Mystery Weapon has a 25 Daily Purchase Limit. Contains a random weapon (Main Hand or Off-Hand).

The Mystery Primary Armor has a 25 Daily Purchase Limit. Contains a random piece of primary armor (Head, Chest, Shoulders, or Legs).

The Mystery Secondary Armor has a 25 Daily Purchase Limit. Contains a random piece of secondary armor (Hands, Waist, or Feet).

The Mystery Jewelry has a 25 Daily Purchase Limit. Contains a random piece of jewelry (Neck or Finger).

The Apprentice Jewelcrafter Seril is located in the Rakkis Plaza of Westmarch. You need to bring Gems beforehand. Normal Gems are acquired from a few sources:

  • Complete 12 Daily Bounties (every 4 bounties reward one treasure chest that contains random normal gems).
  • Defeat Hidden Lairs (these spawn randomly in each zone).
  • The Honor Merchant sells choice normal gems in the General Tab and in the Limited Time Tab.
  • Purchase from the Market.


Socketing Gems

  • Gems can be inserted into items with sockets.
  • You may remove or replace gems at any time.

Normal Gems

  • Normal Gems provide basic attribute bonuses to secondary equipment.
  • The color of the gem must match the socket color: red, yellow or blue.
  • Normal Gems may be upgraded by combining multiple identical gems together.

Legendary Gems

  • Legendary Gems provide powerful bonuses to primary equipment.
  • Legendary Gems can be upgraded by combining multiple Legendary Gems of the same name and rank.


  • You can craft Legendary Gems with Runes.
  • Some Legendary Gem attributes will be randomly determined when crafted.

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