This article focuses on the Necromancer Essence Transfer in Diablo Immortal. The Essence Transfer Vendor allows players to destroy a legendary gear you no longer need, and extract its essence / power. It is a soft transmog, but the main purpose of this feature is that as you find new legendary gear with higher stats than yours, you can keep the stats, and transfer the build powers onto the new item.

This way, effectively, you keep the same build across new upgrades you loot in dungeons and in the open world.

Necromancer Essence Transfer

Extract Essence

  • Essence can be extracted from any Legendary item.
  • Extracted Essence can then be transferred onto other Legendary items of the same type.
  • Extracting Essence from a Legendary item will permanently destroy the item, however the extracted Essence can be reapplied to multiple items.

Inherit Essence

  • Items inheriting Essence will adopt the extracted item’s name, appearance, and legendary attributes.
  • Inherited items can be reset to their original state at any time.


MirrorictusYour skeletal champions are replaced with skeletal archers.mirrorictus
Coals for EyesCommand Skeletons now causes your skeletal champions to explode at their destination, damaging all nearby enemies.coals for eyes
Crown of the Gilded LeashCommand Skeletons now raises a single powerful skeletal captain that can be ordered to whirlwind at a of the gilded leash
Hideous DawningBone Spikes now also causes enemies to bleed for additional damage, but no longer Stuns them.Hideous Dawning
No-Mouth FaceBone Spikes no longer charges up and instead immediately summons three forward-moving spikes that knock enemies face
SkullveilSkeletal Mage duration increased by 20%.skullveil
Visitant's SignCommand Golem duration increased by 20%.visitant's sign
RotspurCorpse explosion no longer detonates corpses, causing them instead to release blight on the area that poisons enemies for continual damage.rotspur
Lone PreserverCorpse Explosion now also inflicts a stacking Chill which can Freeze enemies when stacked.Lone preserver
Surge and StillnessCorpse Explosion now also causes corpses to pull themselves toward the nearest enemy before explodingsurge and stillness
Chasm-CrosserBone Spikes range increased by 20%.chasm crosser
ZirocoSkeletal Mage damage increased by 10%.ziroco
Linger-MantleDark Curse duration increased by 30%.linger-mantle
Gravedirt's WeightBone Armor now also grants immunity to all effects which knock you out of your position.Gravedir's Weight
Parting GiftBone Armor now grants you and all nearby party members charges of damage immunity, each of which prevents all damage from a single hit.parting gift
GallowsbornGenerate corpses as you move during Wraith Form.gallowsborn
The Inviting TombBone Wall now creates a circular wall of bones that traps targets within it, but no longer has multiple charges.the inviting tomb
Ever-Grasping VestmentsBone Wall now summons a line of skeletal soldiers that charge forward in formation, damaging and knocking back enemies.ever-grasping vestments
Exhumant's BackboneBone Wall instead summons a pillar of rotting corpses that knocks targets into the air, damaging them, and then Slows all nearby enemies.exhumant's backbone
Covet NothingBone Armor now also damages nearby enemies when activated and increases their damage taken for a short time.covet nothing
Flickering WarmthOrbiting Spikes Inscription: Bone Armor instead summons three bone spikes that orbit you and damage any enemies they strike.flickering warmth
Proximal FearWraith Form now causes enemies you touch to flee in Fear and damages them.proximal fear
Sacral ChaussesBone Wall duration increased by 25%.sacral chausses
Rozhin's KeeningCorpse Lance damage increased by 10%.rozhin's keening
Graven BulwarkBone Armor duration increased by 25%.graven bulwark
Mournful DestroyerDark Curse now curses the ground in an area, causing enemies within it to take continual damage.mournful destroyer
SoulchimeDark Curse now causes enemies to explode on death, but no longer decreases enemy vision.soulchime
Guided by MaggotsCurse of the Dead inscription: Dark Curse no longer decreases enemy vision, instead causing your minions within the area to frenzy, increasing their attack and movement speeds.guided by maggots
PiercehammerCommand Skeletons damage increased by 10%.piercehammer
ClotburstCorpse Explosion damage increased by 10%.clotburst
Priest's GrubknifeCommand Golem now summons a stone golem that throws boulders at enemies and rolls through enemies instead of leaping.priest's grubknife
Eel TongueBone Spirits damage increased by 10%.eel tongue
Accounting for WeaknessCommand Golem now summons a skeletal golem that consumes and gains power from all nearby corpses, and which damages all enemies in its path as it leaps.accounting for weakness
DesolatoriaCommand Golem now summons a molten golem that continually Burns all nearby enemies instead of forcing them to attack it or Stunning them.desolatoria
Blight MawBone Spear also poisons enemies hit for 620 damage over 3 seconds.blight maw
Life in Balance10% of all damage you take is taken by your skeletal champions in balance
The ProngDecreases time required to raise new skeletal champions by 30%.the prong
Pyre's AllureBone Wall can now be ignited with soulfire, dealing 1648 damage over 8 seconds to nearby enemies.pyre's allure
Baleful TrinitySoulfire now bounces to 1 additional target, but deals 30% decreased damage to subsequent targets.baleful trinity
Welcome's EndSkeletal Mage now summons a powerful grim reaper, but has a longer cooldown.welcome end
Dominance from DustYour bone golem will split into two smaller bone golems when it dies.dominance from dust
Beacon of the LedCommand Golem damage increased by 10%.beacon of the led

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