Diablo Immortal features an activity known as Events. Each zone has one unique Event that appears onscreen in the quest tracker (below your character portrait) as an Event Objective.

In the Dark Wood zone, the Event is titled Purify the Corruption. You must kill monsters in Dark Wood until the progress bar reaches 100%. Click the title of the video to launch full screen.

Purify the Corruption

Completing this event can take approximately 40 minutes up to an hour, depending on the difficulty mode or whether completing it solo or in a group.

  1. Defeat monsters in the Dark Wood to gain Corruption. Corruption increases the damage you take.
  2. When Corruption reaches 100%, you can use the Tree of Inifuss to clear the corruption.
  3. The Corruption will manifest as a Shadow Clone you can defeat to earn rewards.

Once the progress bar reaches 100%, go to the Tree of Inifuss and click the tree.

A Shadow Clone spawns, and it is a limited-time battle. Above the Shadow Clone you can see a countdown timer. You have 88 seconds (1:28 minutes) to defeat the Shadow Clone.

Among the rewards for completing the event:

  • Immune to Corruption for 15 minutes
  • Quickening Globe
  • Random quality armor x 2
  • Enchanted Dust x 6

Enchanted Dust is a core material for those who wish to upgrade their Legendary Weapon or Armor which can be upgraded at the Blacksmith up to Rank 20. This makes completing Events appealing.

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