After the Rite of Exile, when the Shadows defeat the Immortals, a new Immortal reign begins with the top Dark House taking the mantle of the new Immortals. At that point, members can invite Adventurers to become Immortals to help protect the Halls of Ascension. Here is the full transcript, screenshots and gameplay video.

Path of the Immortals Questline

The Shadows Dark House that wins the Rite of Exile overthrows the Immortals, and ascends to the Halls of Ascension, becoming the new Immortals.

All players who were Shadows (who did not become Immortal) and the overthrown Immortals become Adventurers once more, and their cycle begins anew.


When the Shadows have won the Rite of Exile, the reign of the current Immortals will be refreshed at 3am the next morning. The events will be:

  • The original Immortals will all become Adventurers.
  • All Shadows who were not part of the winning Dark House will become Adventurers.
  • All remaining Akeba’s Signets will be destroyed.
  • All Shadows of the winning Dark House will become the new Immortals.
  • The Dark House Leader will become the new Immortal Leader.
  • The Immortal Banner and Statue will be reset.
  • The new Leader will need to name the Reign.

Objectives: Immortal Trials – Find the Historical Archivist.

Historical Archivist: The Wall’s quite a marvel, isn’t it? So many stories, and so much room left.


Every day, the Immortals guard Sanctuary and resist the Shadows’ machinations.

DAILY GOALS: As the anointed protectors of Sanctuary, the Immortals must do battle with threats to the land on a daily basis. These Daily Goals, when completed, award Raw Essentia and other benefits.

DEFEND THE VAULT: The Immortals’ wondrous Vault stores relics, equipment and Essentia vital to the Reign. As such, it’s a frequent target for the Shadows. A successful defense of the Vault will bring the Immortals Honor and more rewarding weekly Commendations.

KION’S ORDEAL: By recreating the ancient ordeal of the first Immortal, Kion, Immortals demonstrate their devotion to the Reign. Officers can call a group of Elite Immortals to follow in Kion’s footsteps, and divide their forces to engage four demons at once. Success means great rewards for Immortals, and the Blessing of Daedessa for both Adventurers and Immortals.

RITE OF EXILE: The Immortals’ Reign is tested by their rivals, the Shadows. When the Shadows reach the Showdown stage, they have grown powerful enough to initiate a sacred duel between the opposing sides. If the Immortals lose, they will be overthrown.


An Immortal’s Reign echoes throughout Sanctuary’s history. It is showcased in Westmarch’s architecture, and carved into the Wall of Honor.

The Immortals are guardians in the mold of the ancient Nephalem, and their glory is legendary.

DOMINANCE: Dominance is a rating that reflects the Immortals’ strength of arms and the charter of their Reign. The greater the Immortals’ Contributions, the higher their Dominance will be, and the more significant a legacy they’ll leave behind.

IMMORTAL STATUE: The Statue on the Overlook is carved in the likeness of The Immortal whose Reign is currently active. It’s unlocked by raising Dominance.

WALL OF HONOR: The Wall of Honor in Westmarch has chronicled the rise and fall of Immortals throughout history. The names and deeds of each Immortal Reign are emblazoned on its surface.

IMMORTAL BANNER: Each Immortal Reign has its own customizable banner. As the Immortals’ Dominance rises, they will unlock more banner shapes, patterns, and insignias.


Immortals are bestowed with great power befitting their responsibilities: improved combat effectiveness, regular item rewards, and the unique abilities of their leaders’ crowns.

Immortals can acquire unique rewards during their Reign.

CROWN ABILITIES: The Immortal Leader and Lieutenants possess Crowns that grant unique, potent abilities, including boosts to Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, defense, and healing.

THE ETERNAL CROWN: The Eternal Crown, crafted by the Builder Daedessa, secures the Immortal’s power. The Crown’s rank, and the strength of its bonuses, increase as your Reign grows in Dominance.

COMMENDATIONS: The Immortals store powerful equipment and Gold in the Vault. Each week, the Supply Officer distributes treasures to all Immortals based on their contributions and participation within the faction.

IMMORTAL CLOAKS: As an Immortal Reign grows in Dominance, all members unlock special cosmetic cloaks that can be worn as long as they remain a member of the faction.

Historical Archivist: Before you can fully embody the name “Immortal,” you’ll need to earn the blessing of Daedessa, the one who created our order. And there are a few trials all of us undertake first. Follow the steps in this handbook, and you’ll pass the trials without issue. I’m sure of it.

HANDBOOK: PATH OF THE IMMORTALS: The Immortals are eternally tested, but their honor cannot waver. Earn Daedessa’s Blessing, and be annointed as one of Sanctuary’s truest defenders.

1. Being an Immortal2. Phase 1: A New Recruit3. Phase 2: Immortal Vault
4. Phase 3: Kion's Ordeal5. Phase 4: Rite of Exile6. Phase 5: A True Immortal

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