The Vault holds a stockpile of ancient treasures and powerful reagents like Essentia. The Shadows seek them; what they steal is gone for good. From what we keep, we share weekly commendations with all Immortals.

1. Speak to the Vault-Pledged in the Hall of Ascension 0/1

Objectives: Talk to the Historical Archivist.

Historical Archivist: The Wall’s quite a marvel, isn’t it? So many stories, and so much room left.

Historical Archivist: You’ve completed your first tests, and can now move on to more advanced training. Head to the Hall of Ascension to proceed.

Objectives: Go to the Hall of Ascension (0/1)

Objectives: Talk to the Historical Archivist.

Historical Archivist: Now, I’ll introduce you to the Vault-Pledged — she’ll have something interesting for you.

Objectives: Talk to the Vault-Pledged.

Vault-Pledged: What you’ll be doing here is protecting every speck of Essentia down in the Vault. If you can handle that, they’ll sing your praises for a thousand years. I’ll sing the chorus. The Shadows raid us for Essentia because they don’t want the Crown empowered with it. Trust me: we hang on to our Essentia, fortune follows. Let’s not just talk about it. When you’re ready, why don’t you come see me and try your hand at Vault defense?

Vault-Pledged: Our armaments and Essentia aren’t just “gear.” They’re proof we deserve this place. Shadows can test the Vault’s security all they want, but you’ve gotta make sure they leave empty-handed.

Note: Click the red “Defend Vault” button. You are teleported to the Vault.

2. Successfully defend the Vault 0/1.

DEFENDING THE VAULT PRACTICE: Defeat Shadows and Reclaim Essentia

Vault-Pledged: Welcome to the Vault. It’ll be invaded by the Shadows who’ll try to steal everything they can get their hands on. Stop them, and we get to keep what’s ours.

Vault Guard: The Shadows made it inside. Leave them in a bad enough state that they won’t do it again.

Vault-Pledged: That Shadow’s trying to walk out of here with our Essentia. Take it back, and teach them to do something productive with their time.

Vault-Pledged: When you defeat a raider, they’ll drop Essentia they’re carrying. It goes back in the Vault, and I note your excellent technique. Keep up your patrol until all of the Shadows are handled.

Vault-Pledged: That’s all of the Shadows. Why they thought they could just amble in here and take armfuls of Essentia, I’ll never know.

DEFENDING THE VAULT IS OVER. You’ve defeated the Shadows and successfully defended the Vault.

Defend the Vault Training Complete. Closes in 4:59. Leave the Lair.

Objectives: Talk to the Vault-Pledged.

Vault-Pledged: Nicely done, Immortal-to-be! In the future, just walk through this entrance to guard the Vault. Make sure you get there fast if we raise an alarm.

Objectives: Inspect the Vault Entrance.

Vault-Pledged: I think you’re ready to be a regular at Vault defense. Take the time to understand all your duties, and you’ll do great.


The Shadows would take what is ours, and steal it away undetected. Should the alarm sound, do not hesitate. Stop them before they escape.

  • Vault Defense Rules: Unless an alarm sounds, the Vault is secure and cannot be entered. Act quickly once alerted!
  • Vault Rank: Shadows will encounter stronger guards and a higher chance for Wardens to appear with each Vault Rank.

Vault-Pledged: That’s one trial down. You have a few more ahead. For now, focus on your goals, and on contributing to the Eternal Crown.

3. Complete Daily Goals 0/1

To begin your Daily Goals, click the yellow icon next to the Immortal Daily Goals text in the quest tracker.

This will open the Daily Goals UI listing all of your objectives for today.

For the first Daily Goal, go to the Hall of Ascension portal and click it. Select VIEW STATUE.

Open the Daily Goals UI and click the treasure chest next to the first Daily Goal to claim your rewards.


Objectives: Go to the Hall of Ascension (0/1)

4. Contribute to increase Dominance 0/1.

Once you have completed the three main objectives, go to the Hall of Ascension to contribute to increase your Immortal’s Dominance.

Objectives: Talk to the Vault-Pledged (0/1).

Vault-Pledged: People rely on the Immortals for protection. How much depends on how well we protect what’s ours. Review what you learned in the Vault, and then empower the crown with some of your Essentia.

Note: This unlocks The Vault feature, and you will get alerts whenever the Shadows attempt to steal Essentia in the Vault.

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