These are the level 70 Legendary Crafting Materials required to craft Legendary Sets and Legendary Weapons. Click on the name of the material to reach a page with more details on how and where to acquire them, as well as the recipe stats, NPC screenshot and the weapon 3D model.

angelic-shardAngelic ShardAct IV
borns-keyBorns KeyAct I
captured-nightmareCaptured NightmareAct IV
cartographers-toolkitCartographer's ToolkitAct I & III
cultists-bloodCultist's BloodAct I & II
demon-skinDemon SkinAct III & IV
element-of-celerityElement of CelerityAct I
essence-of-the-twin-seasEssence of the Twin SeasAct II
eyes-of-the-deadEyes of the DeadAct I (Campaign Mode)
SoonFrozen Blood
griswolds-scribblingsGriswold's Scribbling'sAct I - V (All)
iron-wolves-doctrineIron Wolves DoctrineAct II
living-flameLiving FlameAct IV
maghdas-tormented-soulMaghda's Tortured SoulAct II
mystical-sourceMystical SourceAct I: Whimsyshire
quaking-vialQuaking VialAct IV
shard-of-entsteig-plateShard of Entsteig PlateAct I & II
shattered-coreShattered CoreAct II
sydyru-boneSydyru BoneAct I & III
symbol-of-the-guardian-brotherhoodSymbol of the Guardian BrotherhoodAct III