griswolds-scribblingsThe Griswold’s Scribbling’s drops from about any bookshelf, and journal bag throughout all Acts, including the Angel Archives in the High Heavens. They have a decent chance to drop. I have 14 at the stash as I speak.

The location I have seen that have the most bookshelves is the Tristram Cathedral. The location with the most amount of journal bags is definitely Act V: Path of the Drowned (Bloodmarch) and Pandemonium Fortress Level 1-2. You can find them in normal-difficulty too.


Griswold’s Perfection – Sword

The Recipe: Griswold’s Perfection dropped for me at the Unknown Depths inside Act II: Archives of Zoltun Kulle. You enter the Unknown Depths through the left path of the Terminus.

The Tsunami Blade required to craft Griswold’s Perfection can be found in the weapon racks inside The Unknown Depths too.




ItemItem nameAmount
tsunami-bladeTsunami Blade1
arcane-dustArcane Dust50
veiled-crystalVeiled Crystal20
forgotten-soulForgotten Soul1
deaths-breathDeath's Breath1
griswolds-scribblingsGriswold's Scribbling's1