Legacy of the Horadrim is a new feature added to Diablo Immortal Beta on October 28, 2021. Around level 49, the quest titled Legacy of the Horadrim will pop onscreen in your quest tracker: “Listen to a Mysterious Voice.” Click the quest. Before this quest was unlocked, I had looted Cardesann’s Compasion from the last boss of a Challenge Rift (difficulty 10) at level 48. The item couldn’t be interacted with until level 49.

NOTE: Skip to the bottom of the page, for all the vessels, their stats and which bosses drop them.

This triggers a video clip to play onscreen showing a vision of the founding Horadrim empowering a large crystal with their essence.

Memory of Iben Fahd: “The founding magi of the Horadrim sacrificed our very essence for Sanctuary. Our power, memories, accomplishments — all stored away. What you hold is an ember of our legacy… waiting to be stoked. Meet me where four wolves wet their paws. I will show you truth hidden within the City of the Light.”



Character: “Meet me where four wolves wet their paws. I will show you truth hidden within the City of Light.” A bit tricky. The City of the Light can only be Westmarch. And they certainly do love wolf imagery…

** Go to the fountain in Central Square (Westmarch). Talk to the NPC named Fellig.

Fellig: Beautiful, isn’t it?

Character: That striking light?

Fellig: Light? What light? No, I simply meant the statues.

Character: The fountain’s gleaming… but no one else seems to notice. An illusion meant for me, then.

Objective: Inspect the Fountain.

Memory of Iben Fahd: You have performed well to carry our legacy this far. Do not be alarmed. Only you can hear my voice. Follow its sound. I was called Iben Fahd. I give you a gift that will advantage you in your war with the fiends.

Character: You are one of the Horadrim? I recognize your voice from the stone.

Memory of Iben Fahd: I am but a memory preserved. Once, I helped found the Horadrim at the demands of the Archangel Tyrael. We slew some of the greatest evils on Sanctuary… but we could not conquer death. The Order, too, has gone. You hold a… remedy, of a kind. The vessel you carry is meant to pass our greatest traits to future Horadrim. Only those worthy to take up the fight will discover one. I bring you to hear the teachings of the Order in our own words, that you may use the vessels well. Should you survive, it will be your charge to recover the others… and make our power your own.

Objective: follow the Memory of Iben Fahd (a yellow orb floating toward the north of the fountain).

Character: More secrets beneath Westmarch? The city’s practically balancing on them.

Note: You must click the statue when it becomes outlined and interactive.


Objective: Descend into the Sanctum (0/1)

Character: What is this place?

Iben Fahd: A gate, away from the city, to our legacy. Where we bled out our strength for those who would succeed us. Only those prepared to face our trials should pass beyond it. I do not need to ask if you are one such. But your worthiness is merely a beginning. When you are at your greatest is when you must give of yourself. Step through the portal and learn.

Objective: Explore the Sanctum of Iben Fahd.

Objective: Find the Legacy Shrine

Iben Fahd: This is a vault of dreams, not bones. It has been long since any visited these chambers… longer still since any paid their respects.

Objective: Place a vessel at the Legacy Shrine.

When you click the Shrine, the Legacy of the Horadrim UI opens onscreen with 9 Vessel slots. You have to farm specific bosses until you randomly loot a Vessel that may be placed in one of them. Each of the 9 Vessels grant the player a permanent stat that can in turn be upgraded. The requirement for upgrades is one out of three currencies seen at the top-right of this screen: Garnet, Sapphire, and/or Beryl.

Place the Caldessan’s Compassion vessel into the outlined slot.

Note: These Vessels are also interesting because they unlock the projection of each of the founding Horadrim members when you place them in the Shrine. Here, Caldesann materializes as an interactive NPC. By association, this means that memory figures of Jered Cain and Zoltun Kulle might also materialize here when we unlock them. Might they be used for future quests post-launch?

Memory of Iben Fahd: Now, let us see how well you emulate our courage. Head to the sanctum depths.

Objective: Enter the Sanctum Depths (0/1)

Memory of Iben Fahd: These trials shaped us, and the vessel you carry.

Objective: Reach the Aspirants’ Grounds (0/1)

Memory of Iben Fahd: In part. Our legacy lies in fragments. You must rejuvenate it before you can truly claim it. Remnants of the power we donated — culling stones — are locked behind the trials. Bring them to the natatorium to attune yourself.

Character: Everything’s in pieces these days.

Note: Kill nephalem warriors, enraged phantoms, and dogs in the Aspirant’s Grounds. Loot “Aspirants’ Key” from them. These open the treasure chests at the end of the sanctum — which contain random amounts of any of these: Garnet, Sapphire and Beryl. These are used as currency to upgrade your Legacy of the Horadrim’s vessels.

Memory of Iben Fahd: One test complete. You will be privy to more of our power. Enter the aspirant’s grounds. Gather what your performance allots you. Bring the culling stones to the natatorium, and begin to restore the legacy. I expect you’ll use our gifts as I would — but it is your decision. Were I living, I might envy you that freedom.

Objective: Recover Culling Stones (0/1)

There are 9 Treasure Chests at the end of the shrine. You can open as many as you have Aspirant’s Key. If you don’t have enough keys, you are given the option to open them at a cost of 400 Platinum each.

Memory of Iben Fahd: The Order awaited this moment for centuries. It is time. Should you find other vessels, return here. This place is connected to Westmarch through the passages above. In time, our story and our strength will be yours. See that you remain deserving.



  • Collecting Vessels: Ages ago, the founding Horadric magi imbued their strengths into a vessel, to be used by future generations of Horadrim. With the order fallen, the vessels are scattered across Sanctuary. Bring them to Iben Fahd’s sanctum to inherit the legacy of the Horadrim.
  • Activating Vessels: Place a vessel at the Legacy Shrine to activate it and gain a unique bonus.
  • Upgrading Vessels: Enter the sanctum’s depths and overcome challenges to reach the ASpirant’s Grounds and gather Culling Stones imbued with Horadric essence. Use these materials at the Legacy Shrine to upgrade your vessels, increasing the bonuses you receive.

Where to find the Legacy of the Horadrim Vessels?

Guilt of the Nameless+18 Resistance

Betrayal lasts beyond death. Its effects linger and perpetuate through the ages.
Sandstone Golem (Hell 1)

You don't need to be the one summoning him. If someone summons him, all players in Library of Zoltun Kulle will get a notification in the quest tracker with a 3 minutes timer until he spawns.

sandstone golem timer

If you want to help with the summoning, collect 5 Lost Pages from around the zone. Then click the Tome. There is a random chance for these tomes to summon the Sandstone Golem. The map below marks the location of the Sandstone Golem and most of the lost pages -- which spawn randomly around the zone.

lost pages map
Nor Tiraj's Knowledge+40 Life

To record one's wisdom is to give future lifetimes the chance of being better than your own.
Blood Rose (Hell 1)

In Hell 1, open the Dark Wood map. Teleport to Cursed Grove Waypoint (top-left of the map). Go west of that waypoint. If you don't see the Blood Rose there, wait about 5 minutes until it respawns. Means someone killed the Blood Rose earlier before you got there. Kill all the blood guard minions quickly before the Blood Rose cast the massive AOE. That AOE kills the minions and heals the Blood Rose.

blood rose
Caldessan's Compassion+9 Armor Penetration
+9 Armor

Empathy separates the warrior from the beast. Understand others. Fight for what matters most.
Challenge Rifts Difficulty 10

The Challenge Rift stone is located at the center of the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch. Reach Difficulty 10, and kill the last boss to loot Caldessan's Compassion. Requires level 48 to drop, and the quest for Legacy of the Horadrim unlocks at level 49.

challenge rift

challenge rift
Iben Fahd's Tenacity+2 Damage
+20 Life

If a predator cannot overwhelm their prey quickly, they must do so methodically.
Open Chests in Iben Fahd's Sanctum

This one is tricky and random. At level 48, complete Challenge Rift difficulty 10 and loot the Cardesann's Compassion vessel from the last boss. At level 49, you get the quest for Legacy of the Horadrim.

The entrance is unlocked during that questline. The entrance is at the statue in the Palace Courtyard.

iben fahd entrance

iben fahd entrance

Go northwest of the shrine, and open the door to the sanctum depths. Loot 4 Aspirant's Keys from mobs.

iben fahd sanctum

At the end of the Sanctum depths, open the treasure chests with Aspirant's Keys. The Iben Fahd vessel is a random drop from opening these treasure chests. Might take days, weeks or months due to RNG. The first treasure chest is always FREE. Loot it once per day.

iben fahd vessel
Zoltun Kulle's Ingenuity+18 Potency

Truly successful experiments are often not the strongest, but the most adaptable.
Hydra (Hell 1)

You don't need to be the one summoning him. If someone summons him, all players in Library of Zoltun Kulle will get a notification in the quest tracker with a 2 minutes timer until he spawns. If you want to help with the summoning, collect 5 Lost Pages from around the zone. Then click the Tome. There is a random chance for these tomes to summon the Hydra. The map below marks the location of the Hydra and most of the lost pages -- which spawn randomly around the zone.

lost pages map

Jered Cain's Vision+18 Armor

Preparation is the key to victory. While no plan is without flaw, having no plan is ruinous.
Lord Martanos (Hell 1)

Lord Martanos is located in Zavain Mountains at Martanos' Tomb (location is named in the map). Teleport to the Zakarum Cemetery Waypoint. Head to the tomb.

Lord Martanos

Click the Grave Altar (dais) if it has white text to summon Lord Martanos. He only spawns this way.

Lord Martanos - click the grave altar to summon him

If the Grave Altar text is gray, it means he was recently killed. Click the Grave Altar gray text. It will tell you how long until Lord Martanos can be summoned again. He has a 30 minutes respawn.

lord martanos - summoning cooldown
Cathan's Piety+9 Potency
+9 Resistance

In reverence there is unity. Follow the faith and let the accords you make never be broken.
Currently unavailable
Tal Rasha's Authority+4 Damage

Authority is derived from power. Both must be wielded responsibly, lest your efforts be in vain.
Lassal the Flame-spun

In Cain's Workshop (Westmarch), during the Helliquary questline, Rayoc will ask you to kill Lassal the Flame-spun. Lassal is located in Dark Wood -- and if you completed the Helliquary questline leading up to Lassal, the Scorched Hellscape (red portal) will spawn permanently in the location marked in the map below. Lassal will one-shot low level players below 1370 offense/defense rating. You will be able to survive his summoned minions above 1370 offense/defense rating.

lassal map
Nilfur's Precision+18 Armor Penetration

Examine for a thousand moments. Then again for a thousand more. Strike once.
Ancient Nightmare

The Nightmare respawns every 2 hours until 10pm EST / -5GMT. You can see the time remaining in the quest tracker.

nightmare timer

Killing Lord Martanos (every 30 minutes) at the Martanos's Tomb is essential to obtain his Zakarum Sigil. That item is used on the Altars located on the road all around Misty Valley in Zavain Mountain.

When the Nightmare respawns, click the altars near the road as he approaches them, and imbue the Zakarum Sigil.

The Altars radiate a holy aura that neutralizes the Nightmare's invulnerability and the aura also protects you from his AOE spam when he is invulnerable. Kill him to loot Nilfur's Precision vessel.

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