Once a Shadows’ Dark House wins the Rite of Exile and dethrones the Immortals, the Dark House is no longer of the Shadows faction — becoming the new Immortals.

As each member of the Immortals complete Daily Goals and other activities, they can contribute Raw Essentia (earned by completing those activities).

Immortals Eternal Crown Powers

As the Immortal Reign gets contribution from all Immortal Members, the Eternal Crown’s power grows and all Immortal Members get special buffs. The images below provides valuable info on what happens. The images below show buffs for Immortal Reign Rank Silver II.


As the Annointed protectors of Sanctuary, the Immortals must do battle with threats to the land on a daily basis. These Daily Goals, when completed, award Raw Essentia and other benefits.

As a member of the Immortals, there are daily Goals you’re expected to accomplish to help grow the faction.

  • Different Goals are assigned to you each day.
  • Completing Goals provides rewards, including Activity Points that lead to special chests. Activity Points are reset at 3am (server time: PST) every Monday.
  • Among the rewards is Raw Essentia, which increases a Reign’s Dominance when contributed.
  • Completing Goals is also a great way to gain Prestige and credit towards your Weekly Ranking.
  • Daily Goals are reset at 3am every day. If you’ve completed a Goal, be sure to collect your rewards from it before that time because they will be lost when Goals reset.

Completing Daily Goals rewards Activity Points. When you reach 200, 210, 350, 490 and 700 — you can open the treasure chests shown in the images above. These reward 100 Honor each. However, you also earn Raw Essentia — which you in turn contribute to the Immortal Reign to enhance the Eternal Crown.



The Immortals defend Sanctuary from its greatest threats. You have inherited the power and legacy of the ancient Nephalem — along with their burden. Should your challengers, the Shadows, demonstrate that you are no longer fit to perform your duties, your reign will end… and they will take your place.


Immortals are remembered by the quality, or Dominance, of their Reign.

Dominance is a rating that reflects the Immortals’ strength of arms and the charter of their Reign. The more frequent the Immortals’ Contributions, the greater their Dominance will be, and more significant a legacy they’ll leave behind. As Immortals raise their Dominance, they’ll unlock:

  • Rewards like Honor and Gold for all Immortals at specific thresholds.
  • Damage and Life boosts for all Immortals.
  • A statue of The Immortal in Westmarch.
  • A unique cosmetic cloak (appearance item) for all members.
  • Increased power for the crowns worn by The Immortal and their Lieutenants.
  • More rewards given out during weekly Commendation.
  • The ability to purchase Immortal-specific items at the Honor Merchant in Westmarch.
  • Customization options for their Reign’s banner.


Elites, Lieutenants and the Immortal can record messages for their faction in the Status menu. You can also see the Immortals’ available Activities — tasks they can undertake to bolster their Reign — and current Strategy.


In the members tab, you can view, create, and manage groups of Immortals, and assign roles to the members of those groups if you have an Elite or higher role.


To strengthen the Immortals’ Reign, you can complete a number of different activities, which reward Honor and Raw Essentia, and can increase your Prestige and Weekly Rating. Review them in the Activities menu for more information.

Gain Dominance: In order to increase their Dominance, all Immortals are expected to Contribute Raw Essentia — mythic reagents once used in the crafting of the Nephalem citadel Corvus. Contributions raise Immortals’ esteem in the faction, increasing the quality of personal rewards they receive during weekly Commendations. A higher Dominance rating will also unlock rewards for all Immortals, new Activities, increased power, cosmetics and customization options.

Daily Goals: As the anointed protectors of Sanctuary, the Immortals must do battle with threats to the land on a daily basis. These Daily Goals, when completed, award Raw Essentia and other benefits.

Defend the Vault: The Immortals’ wondrous Vault stores relics, equipment and Essentia vital to the Reign. As such, it’s a frequent target for the Shadows. A successful defense of the Vault will bring the Immortals Honor and more rewarding weekly Commendations. (Daily from 10am to 10pm solo or group)

Kion’s Ordeal: By recreating the ancient ordeal of the first Immortal, Kion, Immortals demonstrate their devotion to the Reign. Officers can call a group of Elite Immortals to follow in Kion’s footsteps, and divide their forces to engage four demons at once. Success means great rewards for Immortals, and the Blessing of Daedessa for both Adventurers and Immortals. (Daily via The Immortal, supports 48 players)

Battleground: The Rite of Exile is destiny for all Immortals, and the Battleground is a chance to prepare. Immortals, Shadows and Adventurers alike can test themselves in a mock version of the rite — a large group attack on the Ancient Heart, or its defense. (Active between 12:30pm – 1:30pm server time; and 6:30pm – 7:30pm)

Rite of Exile: The Immortals’ Reign is tested by their rivals, the Shadows. When the Shadows reach the Showdown stage, they have grown powerful enough to initiate a sacred duel between the opposing sides. If the Immortals lose, they will be overthrown. (Active Sunday at 8pm, up to 80 Immortals can participate)


The Immortal can set their faction’s Strategy to focus their reign on overcoming particular challenges. Each day, they can choose between:

  • Honor: Concentrate Power, which causes Dominance rating to increase more quickly, and the Immortal and Lieutenants’ crowns to improve. (All Dominance gains are increased by 1.2x)
  • Bolster the Vault, which reduces the amount of Essentia lost when Shadows decide to Raid the Vault. (Defend the Vault Daily Goal is available. Vault level increased based on this Strategy’s duration)
  • Reward Loyalty, which improves the amount of Essentia stored in the Vault, and the rewards given to Immortals during weekly Commendation. (Bonus Weekly Contribution Reward: 10% per consecutive day. Bonus Essentia earned: 50%)


Weekly Commendations:

  1. A variety of treasures are stored in the Vault. They’re awarded weekly based on each Immortal’s Weekly Rating.
  2. Immortals can increase their Contribution by defending the Vault, Contributing Essentia, and completing Daily Goals.
  3. Rewards include gold, honor and equipment (up to 3 items), and Immortals with higher rankings will earn better rewards and more items.
  4. Ranking rewards include:
    1. For players ranking 1-3: gold, honor, and at most 3 items.
    2. For players ranking 4-20: gold, honor, and at most 2 items.
    3. For players ranking 21: gold, honor, and at most 1 item.
  5. Each week, 30% of the Vault’s store of gold and honor will be allocated to rewards (with a larger amount if the Reward Loyalty strategy is active).

Equipment Rewards:

  • Every Immortal can request an item from the Vault. If there is more than one player requesting the same item, it will be allocated to the player with the highest Weekly Ranking.
  • If no one applies for items, they will be allocated randomly based on Weekly Ranking during weekly Commendations.
  • If items you’ve requested are taken by Shadows, you won’t receive them, and can request a new item.

Shadow Raids:

  • When Shadows Raid the Vault, they can reduce the Immortals’ honor and take gold and equipment, which directly affects weekly Commendation rewards.
  • Immortals can retrieve plundered resources if they defend the Vault in time.

Stocking the Vault:

  • The Immortals can gain teh Blessing of Daedessa by completing Kion’s Ordeal. When the blessing is effective, Adventurers and Immortals will gain extra rewards in rifts.
  • Part of the rewards will go directly to the player; the rest will go to the Vault.
  • The higher the rank of the rift, the greater the rewards.


Essentia is stored in the Immortals’ Vault. It’s a vital resource, used to access several Immortal activities and empower the Eternal Crown. The Shadows will attempt to raid the Vault and steal Essentia to test you; it’s important to defend the Vault against the Shadows to reduce losses from these attacks.

Essentia is most commonly obtained when Immortals complete Daily Goals.

The Immortal and their lieutenants can make a large offering of Essentia to initiate Kion’s Ordeal, a challenge that provides potent rewards and the Blessing of Daedessa.


The Eternal Crown, crafted by the Builder Daedessa, secures the Immortals’ power. It grants bonuses to all Immortals; the crown’s rank — and the strength of its bonuses — increase as your Reign grows in Dominance.

Improving the Crown: Immortals can increase their Dominance through Daily Goals and Contributions.

Crown Rank: The crown’s rank affects:

  • The maximum number of Immortals allowed in the faction.
  • Extra Damage and Damage Reduction boosts provided to each Immortal.
  • New difficulty options and rewards through Kion’s Ordeal.
  • Unique abilities provided to The Immortal and Lieutenants by their respective crowns.

Crown Powers:

  • The Immortal bears the Eternal Crown, which increases allies’ Attack Speed and reduces cooldowns.
  • The Shadowbreaker bears the Crown of Agony, which provides allies with increased critical hit chance.
  • The Hand of Iron bears the Crown of Protection, which increases the chance for attacks to miss allies.
  • The Pathfinder bears the Crown of the Wind, which reduces the damage allies receive.
  • Hope’s Dawn bears the Crown of Restoration, which provides allies with additional healing.

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