Diablo Immortal Paragon Preview

In Diablo Immortal technical alpha, Paragon is unlocked at level 45. It will unlock at level 60 when the game is launched. There are four types of Paragon, and so far it looks like a linear progression:

  • Survivor – Unlocks at Paragon level 1.
  • Vanquisher – Unlocks at Paragon level 1.
  • Treasure Hunter – Unlocks at Paragon level 50.
  • Gladiator – Unlocks at Paragon level 101.
Armor (0/10)Armor +50
Unyielding (0/1)For every 10% missing Life, you take 0.6% less damage.
Potency (0/20)Potency +30
Escape Artist (0/1)When you drop below 30% Life, you gain 35% increased movement speed and can move unhindered through monsters for 6 sec. May only trigger once every 60 sec.
Stalwart (0/1)When you drop below 30% Life, you gain 35% increased block chance for 6 sec. May only trigger once every 60 sec.
Resistance (0/20Resistance +30
Indestructible (0/1)Fatal attacks from monsters instead reduce you to 1 Life and make yu immune to all damage from monsters for 3 sec. 120 sec cooldown.
Fortitude (0/20)Fortitude +10.
Precognition (0/1)Reduces the cooldowns of Stalwart and Escape Artist by 15 sec.
Vitality (0/25)Vitality +10.
Armor Penetration (0/10)Armor Penetration +50
Exorcism (0/1)5% increased damage inflicted to monsters.
Heart of Wrath (0/1)Wrath and Zeal can now stack up to 15 times.
Damage (0/20)Damage +200
Zeal (0/1)For each monster you defeat, your attack speed increases by 0.5% for 6 sec, stacking up to 10 times.
Defense Rating (0/25)Defense Rating +15
Judgment (0/1)After defeating 5 monsters, your next attack is a guaranteed critical hit.
Deeper Pockets (0/5)Inventory Row +1
Wrath (0/1)For each monster you defeat, your damage dealt increases by 0.5% for 6 sec, stacking up to 10 times.
Offense Rating (0/25)Offense Rating +15
Treasure Hunter
Fortitude (0/10)Fortitude +10
Swift Learner (0/1)50% more experience gained from defeating Elite monsters.
Treasure Find 0/150% increased equipment drop rate from Elite monsters in outdoor areas.
Offense Rating (0/20)Offense Rating +15
Gold Find (0/1)50% extra gold from monsters in outdoor areas.
Armor (0/20)Armor +50
Lucky (0/1)50% increased globe drop rate from monsters in outdoor areas.
Defense Rating (0/20)Defense Rating +15
Greed (0/1)Increases the bonuses granted by Treasure Find and Lucky from 50% to 75%.
Life (0/25)Life +400
Source: Leviathan
Damage (0/10)Damage +40
Defense Rating (0/20)Defense Rating +15
Uncontrollable (0/1)When struck by an effect which causes loss of control of your character, you are immune. 30 sec cooldown.
Armor Penetration (0/20)Armor Penetration +50
Trapper (0/1)When you drop below 30% Life, you will lay a Trap beneath your feet for every 5 yards travelled within 6 sec. 240 sec cooldown.
Quick Witted (0/1)Reduces the duration of loss of control effects against you by 10%.
Offense Rating (0/20)Offense Rating +15
Rapid Recovery (0/1)Reduces the cooldowns of Trapper and Uncontrollable by 10 sec.
Strength (0/25)Strength +10
Cheat Death (0/1)Fatal attacks from players instead reduce you to 1 Life and make you immune to Stuns for 3 sec. After 3 sec, you recover to 60% Life. 120 sec cooldown.
Source: Leviathan

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