Reforge Stones become available at max level, and allow you to change the attribute of your gear.

Once you acquire a Reforge Stone, head to the Blacksmith and press the Reforge tab.

You will get this UI to select the attribute you wish to change, and the option to select a Stone to randomly obtain an attribute of that stone family. You can unlock up to 3 attributes per gear at Rank 11 and Rank 16. When the item has three attributes from that family, the stone family set attribute unlocks.

Reforge Stones

  • Wildfire Stone – You have a 2% chance when you kill an enemy to summon a fireball-spitting Hydra.
  • Tremor Stone – Your Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to inflict 1940+ damage and Stun to nearby enemies for 1.5 sec.
  • Jolt Stone – You have a 2% chance when attacked to Immobilize your attacker.
  • Vengeance Stone – Your Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to increase all damage you deal by 100% for 1 sec.
  • Barrier Stone – You have a 2% chance when attacked to gain an absorption shield for 6 sec.
  • Ravager Stone – You have a 2% chance when you kill an enemy to make the corpse explode, damaging all nearby enemies.

All the Reforge Stone Families:

How to obtain a Reforge Stone?

There are two ways to buy a Reforge Stone: Free or Premium.


Free-to-Play players can obtain Reforge Stones from the Honor Merchant with 200 Honor currency each. The Honor Merchant is Lieutenant Fizriah who you may find south of the big statue at the center of the Rakkis Plaza (Westmarch).

However, Free-to-Play players can only buy 3/3 Reforge Stones per day. That’s the Honor Merchant’s Daily Purchase Limit on Reforge Stones.

Honor tokens are earned from the first two Treasure Chest rewards given by the Bounty Quartermaster after completing Daily Bounties from the Bounty Board. Each of these two Treasure Chests reward you with 150 Honor tokens for a total of 300 Honor per Day.

You can complete 12 Daily Bounties per day. You earn 3 Treasure Chests daily after completing (4), (8) and (12) bounty quests. The last one provides Platinum instead.

You can find the Bounty Board at the Palace Courtyard (all the way to the north of the city of Westmarch, in the west side corner).

There is another source of Honor currency. By completing achievements from the Codex with your daily activity throughout the world of Diablo Immortal.

Your daily activity rewards you Battle Points. As you reach the next Battle Pass level in the Battle Pass Free Track, you will eventually get Honor currency rewards at Battle Pass Rank 4, 6, 13, 17, 19, 23, 27, 29, 33, 37, and 39. However, this is an example from the Technical Alpha. The Battle Pass (Free Track) lasts for about 45 Days (subject to change).

Each Rank mentioned above rewards 150 Honor tokens.


The premium vendor is Yverius (Reforge Stone Vendor) who is located next to the Blacksmith in Rakkis Plaza (Westmarch).

Reforge Stones are obtained with 100 Eternal Orbs currency. The Eternal Orb currency is purchased with Real Money.

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