Diablo Immortal features an activity known as Events. Each zone has one unique Event that appears onscreen in the quest tracker (below your character portrait) as an Event Objective.

In the Library of Zoltun Kulle zone, the Event is titled Kulle’s Secret Chamber. Think of it as a scavenger hunt that ends with access to a Treasure Chest room.

You may read how it works after the break.

Kulle’s Secret Chamber

  1. Collecting 5 lost pages will create a Portal Tome.
  2. Use a Portal Tome to create a portal to one of Kulle’s Hidden Chambers.
  3. Each time you use a Portal Tome, you have a chance to awaken Zoltun Kulle’s Hydra or a Golem.

As you explore the entire Library of Zoltun Kulle zone, you will find a pile of pages glittering on the ground.

After you loot them, you can see in the quest tracker that the Kulle’s Secret Chamber quest is updated: 0/5

Each time you collect 5/5 pages, you can click the icon to the left of the quest to open a portal.

Each portal teleports you to a random room. Click the locked Treasure Chest to trigger the spawning of the construct guardian. It might have different abilities each time you encounter it; or different monsters instead of a construct guardian.

Sometimes the Ebony Construct (103,084 health) is going to summon 6 Skeletal Guardians, 2 Quicksand Golems and 4 Serpent Totems that spit poison.

Sometimes you will only find a room full of destructible crates that drop gold and Enchanted Dust.

But there is a chance that one of the tomes summons a Hydra boss.

In addition, some of these chambers might add environmental effects. I spotted at least two:

  • Gust Winds: Your character is pushed in one direction, forcing your character in that direction and to make difficult dodging ranged damage or rare elite/pack mechanics.
  • Frozen Ground: Your character slides on the ground. This force radiates from the center and pushes you outwards to the edges of the room. I never allowed my character to reach the edge, so I am unsure if your character dies falling off the platform. If you avoid being pushed to the edge, your character moves around the platform clockwise or counter-clockwise. A bit difficult to dodge the serpent totems, but doable.


After killing the Ebony Construct, the cursed treasure chest is unlocked. It drops around 403 Gold, at least 3 pieces of gear of different qualities and 5 Enchanted Dust. There is a chance to loot a Legendary Main Hand weapon.

The good thing about Events, is these are repetitive. You can repeat them as many times as you wish. However, searching for the 5 pages can take between 10-40 minutes.

To me, Kulle’s Secret Chamber has an appeal in the form of Enchanted Dust x 5. It is difficult to get loot that you can salvage at the Blacksmith into Enchanted Dust — and this is the core material required to upgrade your Gear rank at the Blacksmith.

Clearing Library of Zoltun Kulle as you search for these 5 Lost Pages, guarantees a few elite packs and rare elite bosses which translates into a chance for Legendary items and loot that can be salvaged at the Blacksmith for materials to upgrade your Legendary armor and weapons.


This Library of Zoltun Kulle map shows the known locations of Lost Pages extracted from my Kulle’s Secret Chamber video (shown in this page). These are not all of the spawn locations.

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