The Diablo 4 Trophy Hunter achievement requires players to find Extremely Rare Elite monsters spreadout in each zone of Sanctuary. Normally, there are at least 3 Extreme Rare Elites per zone, but some zones have more of these that are not part of the Trophy Hunter Achievement.

In this video, I collected all Extreme Rare Elites beyond the achievement, their location, zone and the rare item they drop. These Extreme Rare Elites are essential for low-level players. You can loot their special rare items, and imprint them with a Codex of Power to convert them into a Legendary Item.

As a Necromancer, I kept my Darkblade from Sir Lynna for several levels before I managed to get an upgrade. It is worthwhile to hunt for an Extremely Rare Elite that drops something useful for your specific class. Watch the video, and check out the loot table I added at the bottom of this page.

The video description contains the timecode shortcut, name of the Extremely Rare Elite and the type of item they drop and what class can wear it.

The table below tells you the name of each Extremely Rare Elite shown in the video, the slot item they drop and what classes can equip it. To be clear, all of these monsters drop the exact same loot over and over, but due to randomization you might loot a better version of the same item. They respawn fairly soon, and you can loot the same item 10 times if you want until you find the best version with the highest stats you seek.

"Wrathful" Osgar Reede(One-Handed Mace)Barbarian
Sir Lynna(One-Handed Sword)Shadow Necromancer
Corin Hulle(Staff)Sorcerer
Renn Dayne(Crossbow)Shadow Rogue
Enkil(Amulet)Crowd Control classes
Captain Willcocks(Boots)All Classes
Trembling Mass(Ring)All Classes
Nine-Eyes(Dagger)Poison Rogue
Abe-Mari(One-Handed Wand)Sorcerer / Necromancer
Faraya Tehi(Ring)All Classes
Qiniel(Off-Hand Focus)Necromancer
Almunn(Two-Handed Sword)Barbarian / Necromancer
Zarozar the Mighty(Helm)Barbarian
Pitiless Gur(Chest)Cold Sorcerer / Cold-Skeletal Mage and/or Shadow Necromancer
Bhotak the Inevitable(Amulet)All Classes
Lord Eonan(Ring)Blood Necromancer
Garbhan Ennai(Pants)Druid
Gaspar Stilbian(Gloves)Sorcerer
Blind Odwyn(Amulet)All Classes