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Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal can be obtained in two ways: Crafting or Elder Rifts. Legendary Gems can be placed only into socketed main gear: Head, Chest, Shoulders, Legs, Main Weapon and Off-Hand.

Legendary Gems


Crafting is a secondary alternative to obtain the Legendary Gems you want without the massive amount of RNG while farming Elder Rifts with Legendary Crests. However, there is some form of RNG when crafting as the amount of Star Attributes might vary. Crafting requires to run Elder Rifts because the prime material required to craft Legendary Gems is Runes (a random-drop material from Elder Rifts).

You need specific runes for each Legendary Gem plus Platinum to purchase the crafting from the Apprentice Jeweler (located in the Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch).

150 Platinum is rewarded for completing 12 daily quests from the Bounty Board in Westmarch’s Palace Courtyard. You can earn a total of 4,500 Platinum per 30 days or purchase Platinum for real-money at the in-game Shop.

You can earn ATI and FA runes from completing Challenge Rifts.

All other runes are obtained randomly by completing Elder Rifts with a Rare Crest or Legendary Crest, or a combination of both. Each crest gives you a guaranteed random rune x 3 (max 9 runes per Elder Rift).

power and commandPOWER AND COMMANDFA x 21DRO x 9platinum x 3000
the hungerTHE HUNGERFA x 21VOX x 9platinum x 3000
battleguardBATTLEGUARDFA x 21RAE x 9platinum x 3000
lightning coreLIGHTNING COREFA x 21TYR x 9platinum x 3000
bloody reachBLOODY REACHFA x 21ENT x 9platinum x 3000
unity crystalUNITY CRYSTALFA x 21BOL x 9platinum x 3000
cutthroat's grinCUTTHROAT'S GRINFA x 21SYL x 9platinum x 3000
fervent fangFERVENT FANGFA x 21URS x 9platinum x 3000
the black roseTHE BLACK ROSEATI x 21WEH x 9platinum x 750
nightmare wreathNIGHTMARE WREATHATI x 21NIE x 9platinum x 750
berserker's eyeBERSERKER'S EYEATI x 21WEH x 5NIE x 4platinum x 750
pain of subjugationPAIN OF SUBJUGATIONATI x 21LUX x 5ORD x 4platinum x 750
respite stoneRESPITE STONEATI x 21ORD x 5WEH x 4platinum x 750
ca'arsen's invigorationCA'ARSEN'S INVIGORATIONATI x 21WEH x 5PYR x 4platinum x 750
zod stoneZOD STONEATI x 21NIE x 5LUX x 4platinum x 750
chained deathCHAINED DEATHATI x 21PYR x 9platinum x 750
mocking laughterMOCKING LAUGHTERATI x 21LUX x 9platinum x 750
seled's weakeningSELED'S WEAKENINGATI x 21ORD x 9platinum x 750
lo's focused gazeLO'S FOCUSED GAZEATI x 21NIE x 5PYR x 4platinum x 750
trickshot gemTRICKSHOT GEMATI x 21PYR x 5LUX x 4platinum x 750
legendary gemLEGENDARY GEMFA x 60platinum x 3000
legendary gemLEGENDARY GEMFA x 30platinum x 3000


Pay-to-Play players can earn a random Legendary Gem by completing an Elder Rift that has a Legendary Crest. Legendary Crests are obtained via real-money Eternal Orbs.

The Free-to-Play Battle Pass grants one Legendary Crest at Battle Pass Rank 20. Free-to-Play Battle Pass rewards Rare Crests at Rank 5, 12, 18, 22, 25, 28, 32, 35, and 38.

In addition, Free-to-Play players have an additional way to acquire a Legendary Crest. The Honor Merchant sometimes sells a monthly purchase limit of one Legendary Crest for 3000 Honor.

These are some of the Legendary Gems that can be rewarded at the end of an Elder Rift that contains a Legendary Rare Crest.

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