The Battle Pass Seasons is a way to earn gold, Honor currency, Rare Crests, Scrap Materials, and Gems. But also Legendary Gear and Legendary Gems.

  1. Complete activities and seasonal quests on the Battle Pass to obtain Battle Points.
  2. Activities can be repeated for Battle Points up to a maximum cap every week. The cap is reset every Monday.
  3. Seasonal quests are granted every few days during the season. You have until the end of the Season to complete seasonal quests before they expire.


  1. As you earn Battle Points you will advance Battle Pass ranks.
  2. Every Battle Pass rank grants rewards.
  3. Purchasing the Battle Pass increases the reward earned at each rank.
  4. After rank 40 you earn a Gift of Renown for every additional 180 Battle Points earned (up to a max of 20 per season.)

Each time you complete an achievement from the Codex: such as Equip 7 Rare Items, Collect 200 Rare Items, Salvage 200 Items, Complete 10 dungeons, and so on — you earn Battle Points. You have to open the Codex to claim your reward quite often.

You will see an animation of Battle Points floating from the Claimed Reward button toward the Battle Pass tab.

To learn how many Battle Points you have collected, open the Battle Pass tab, and look at the golden bar at the top. It tells you how many Battle Points you need to reach Rank 6 for your next Battle Pass reward.

There are a few Battle Pass rewards that are repetitive such as the items shown below.

Pile of Gems

In Diablo Immortal, you rarely find a sweet upgrade, and that’s by design. If the Battle Pass (free track) rewards don’t make much sense to you, that’s because gearing in Diablo Immortal is more about upgrading the item you like, and keeping it with you while you upgrade it to Rank 1, Rank 2, up to Rank 5. When you find a sweet loot that is higher than your Rank 5 item, go to the Blacksmith and transfer your Rank 5 to the new item. If you have a Rank 1-5+ Gem, you can go to the Jewelcrafter to remove the gem to transfer it to your new gear.

These are all the Battle Pass (Free Track) rewards for those who don’t pay a Premium Battle Pass. Every 10 Ranks you earn a Special Item. At 15, 25, and 35 you also earn something unique.

1scrap materials
210000 gold
3scrap materials
4honor points
5battle chest rank 5
6honor points
7rare crest
9rare crest
12rare crest
13honor points
15Seleds Weakening
17honor points
18rare crest
19honor points
22rare crest
23honor points
25battle chest rank 25
26Reforge Stone
27honor points
28rare crest
29honor points
30grand battle chest rank 30
32rare crest
33honor points
35Battle Chest Rank 35
37honor points
38rare crest
39honor points
40Power and command legendary gem
gift of renown

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