Blizzard Entertainment added a brand-new feature to Diablo Immortal Beta that’s going to please many old-school and newcoming players. Located in the Inventory UI next to the Charm slot and above the Head slot, you will find this icon.

When you click that icon, a new Recommended Builds UI opens up onscreen that provides three recommended builds: two for PvE and one for PvP.

  • The Build description is followed with a demo video on a loop of how the build works.
  • Three core skills.
  • 4 Legendary Items (Head, Main Hand, Off-Hand, and Shoulders) — which pair with the recommended skills build.
  • 5 Legendary Gems — that pair with the build.
  • Secondary Gear Set — that pairs with the build (unlocks at level 55). Set items drop in high-difficulty dungeons.
  • Core Magic Properties — the 0/12% next to these seem to indicate these properties grow as your gear is ranked up (upgraded) via the Blacksmith; or some other way I haven’t learned yet.

When you collect 3 of any of these combined suggestions (whether it is a combination of two abilities unlocked and in use; and 1 item, or 1 legendary gem) — you get a “Collected 3/4” reward. Opening the treasure chest icon grants you 10,000 gold as reward for collecting at least 4 of any suggested skills/legendary items/legendary gems.

You can see the Necromancer’s Recommended Builds in detail in this video.

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