“What fires burn within my heart and force me to contend
With the perils that await me at this tragic journey’s end?”

“I have walked the roads that lead to Hell, I have challenged all but Fate.
I have fought and bled and carried on just to reach this final gate.
And now the task before me looms, this dire deed undone;
I shall make my stand against the Three until the battle’s won.”

“What fear or wound could ever still this last defiant cry.
As I stand against the Shadow ‘neath the endless burning sky?”

Chris Vincent Metzen


The Hunt for the Three

“The passages contained herein are first-hand accounts of the hunt for
the three exiled Prime Evils: Mephisto of Hatred, Baal of Destruction, and Diablo
of Terror.  Be advised: Though these entries were inscribed hundreds of years
apart and found in lands far removed from one another, they each contain
glimpses into the shadowy nether-realm of the Prime Evils.  These passages
are not intended for the uninitiated . . .”