The Diablo 4 Launch promotion continues around the world. This time Inarius and Lilith cosplay attended the Los Angeles Angels Stadium in Anaheim… err, technically true as none brought Rathma’s key to open the gates. They should have brought along the D3 Templar.

On Friday, June 9, a heavenly collision of epic proportions took place as the realms of Sanctuary and baseball converged at the LA Angels Game! To celebrate last week’s record-breaking release of Diablo IV, there were real angels at Angel Stadium! Diablo IV’s main characters, Lilith and Inarius, took a break from their eternal battle and paid an IRL visit to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to take in a game against the Seattle Mariners.

But the forces of darkness turned them away at the gates.  

With heavy hearts and bulging bags of loot, Lilith and Inarius turned to a local tavern to commiserate, interact with fans and take a well-deserved rest after smashing records and snatching souls for the last two weeks.