I played Diablo 4 during the NDA test, early access beta, open beta, and server slam. Diablo 4 felt very stable throughout testing with very limited disconnects or client crashes. Ever since the game went Live, I have experienced minimum of 10 client crashes per day, and that’s the bare minimum.

Most of my client crashes can be traced down to teleporting to town via Town Portal. Walk a few steps after teleporting, and the client will randomly crash. Or leave the town by riding. As soon as you get the message onscreen: “Warning: Your return town portal will be closed once you leave town” … press the SPACEBAR to speed up while mounted. The client will most of the time crash.

It is so obvious there are issues with the Town Portal or loading/memory issues. It could potentially be an issue with writing to SSDs. I switched to a Samsung 970 EVO Plus after the Server Slam. That might explain why my PC didn’t have any crashes during any of the past Beta tests as I played them with a old-school hard disk.

Before you say, ohh your PC is old and can’t handle Diablo 4, well, then how comes so many people are complaining about client crashes? How comes my 2016 PC could handle all Beta tests without much of a problem?

A temporary fix for the Town Portal could be to give us the option of a animation-less town portal as an optional setting in the Graphics tab; and or the ability to cancel a town portal. Most of the times, I don’t need to use the Town Portal to return back to where I was. If I could just press F on a town portal and get a dropdown menu to destroy the town portal, that would be very helpful to the crashes.

But is the Town Portal a real issue? Or is there something else going on?

It is been an entire month since Blizzard Entertainment launched Diablo 4. I don’t know what changed from all previous Betas to the Live version to cause these crashes, or if it only happens to PCs with an SSD; but they have done a terrible job at not fixing the crash issue. There have been a lot of patches in this month, and none has addressed this easily traceable and repetitive client crash issue.

There are other client crashes, though. Sometimes you are browsing through a vendor or just salvaging manually individual items in your inventory. Sometimes you are inside a dungeon and inexplicably your client crashes. The dungeon crash is not easily identifiable to understand what caused it.

At this point, I’m certain Diablo 4 shouldn’t have launched when it did, and this continuous client crashes not been addresssed and squashed within days of it happening tells me all you need to know. Diablo 4 was not ready. They haven’t been able to fix it. Waiting until Season 1 for a fix of this magnitude is not acceptable.

How many good Nightmare Dungeon sigils have you lost since you reached World Tier 3 due to a client crash? That should have been fixed long ago. Either a refund of your Nightmare Sigil, or saving a state in the servers where you can login inside the same dungeon you were, with all progress saved in the server. That’s how it should have been designed from early development.

At this point, I feel like I am owed my money back. It is tiring to get a client crash and have to start the World Tier 4 dungeons from scratch to get my Tree of Whispers loot, or in the case of Nightmare Sigils … completely losing it because the client crash consumes it and won’t refund it.

I’m talking from my heart. 10 client crashes minimum per day translates to over 300 client crashes since Diablo 4 launched. Can I withstand another month of that? I’m sure many of you are fed up as I am.

It is not my 2016 graphic card. It is also happening to recent $4000 – $5000 PCs, too. You can read a whole month worth of PC Bug reports in the forum. All of these have something in common… the Diablo 4 client crashed multiple times a day:

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