Necromancer: The second piece is safe, but I do not know where the last one has fallen.

The Stranger: I remember a glow streaking towards… a fishing village.

Leah: That must be Wortham.

Deckard Cain: Ah… Brilliant, dear Leah! Have the ferryman take you there.



  • Talk to the Ferryman

Note: Go to the north part of New Tristram, then turn left toward the docks. Talk to the Ferryman.

Necromancer: I seek passage to Wortham.

Ferryman: I will take you. But beware: smoke rises from the village.


Villager: They’re destroying the town! Get out while you can!

Templar: By all that is holy! The town is burning!


  • Travel to the center of Wortham

The Stranger’s fragmented memory continues to be a puzzle. He remembers a piece of the sword falling to Wortham, but if it was a glow in the sky, others could have seen it as well.

Cultist: Death to those who defy the power of the Coven!

Note: There is a Priest’s Satchel that drops Priest’s Contemplations, Part 1.

One of the men retrieved a strange artifact in his nets. It looked like a hilt of an ancient blade, but I know it must be more. The fisherman argued with me, but I convinced him to leave it in the safety of the chapel. A holy place for a holy relic.

– Verrall, Priest of Wortham

Necromancer: As long as they’re fighting we have a chance.

Villager: Please! My family is hiding in the chapel with the rest of townsfolk! We must get to them!

Necromancer: Don’t run off! You’ll get youself killed!


  • Kill the cultists outside the chapel

Maghda: Fools! You cannot keep the sword from me.

Leah: This is bad…

Maghda: My servants will burn this town to ashes!

Leah: I hear something coming…


  • Kill Urzel Mordreg
  • Kill the Dark Berserkers (0/3)


  • Talk to the Priest outside the chapel in Wortham

All of that fighting, and still no sign of the sword fragment. Perhaps one of the survivors knows its whereabouts.

Leah: The people in the chapel need my help! I’m going on ahead!

Villager: You saved us! We owe you our lives!

Necromancer: There is only one thing I would ask of you. I seek a sword fragment. Have you seen it?

Priest: We found it days ago. I wish we’d never brought it here. Come, I left Virgil to guard it. We will be glad to be rid of it.

Leah: I’m going back to Tristram to check on Uncle Deckard.


  • Enter the Wortham Chapel Cellar


  • Search for the Sword Hilt


Necromancer: Maghda…

Maghda: While you were on your hero’s errand here, I captured all three sword pieces and your friends.

Necromancer: I will put an end to this.

Note: The next room to the northeast contains a Waypoint. Select New Tristram.


  • Enter Cain’s House in New Tristram

For once, Maghda has accomplished something she set out to do. I must ensure she does not make a habit of it. Still, with only one piece, she cannot reforge the sword. Cain may know how to deal with her.

Note: This is Cain’s House.


Maghda: It’s your choice, Cain. Either use your Horadric arts to repair the sword, or your dear Leah dies a horrible death!

Deckard: All this pain… this destruction… What is the sword to you?

Maghda: To me, nothing. To my master– Belial — everything!

Leah: Uncle! Hrrrrrrgh, aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Maghda: Your rage is overwhelming, girl. You win this round. But if the sword cannot be mine…

Maghda: …I’ll claim the one it’s bound to! In the end, the blade shall be mine!

Leah: Uncle. You can’t die…

Deckard Cain: Nothing can stop that now. But there is one last thing I must do… The sword must be made whole…

Deckard Cain: Just as I suspected. The sword is of the High Heavens! The Stranger is an angel! Heed the journal… The truth… lies within…

Leah: Uncle Deckard!!!


NecromancerWhy is this coven after your sword?
The StrangerI cannot say. But there is something about them… a darkness… that is known to me.
The StrangerThe Coven may be part of a greater evil. Perhaps… I intended to fight it?
NecromancerYou’ll need your sword for that.

Captain RumfordThe living dead, the Skeleton King, the khazra… I would not have thought it possible. You have given us all hope. My men, the people of this town… we all owe you a debt of gratitude.
NecromancerI am… unaccustomed to such praise. But there is much left for me to do.
Captain RumfordNothing that you can’t handle, I’m certain.

Brother Malachi the Healer: “Weep, Tristram. I tell you, weep. Justice must be broken so that wisdom can be reborn.”

MyriamVile things transpire even as we speak. I see a town in flames, and an old friend paying the ultimate price to reveal the truth.
NecromancerI already know this.
MyriamOh, do you have the sight as well?
NecromancerYou will say no more, will you?

Covetous ShenI can see the fires even from here. Wortham burns.

It is only the truly evil who force the innocents to suffer for a battle they have no part in.


Villager: What in the Burning Hells is happening around here? First the dead, and now dark cultists?

Brother Malachi the Healer: This is not a time for mourning. This is a time to dry our tears and draw our weapons. There can be no pity for the pitiless. Save redemption for those that seek it.

Villager: Deckard Cain was not a young man, but I still say he died too soon! Decades of knowledge destroyed without a thought by supertitious fools.

Villager: I fear this town will be lost without Deckard Cain’s wisdom to guide us.
Village #2: I can’t believe Deckard Cain is dead. What will Leah do now?

Villager: That Cain was an all right sort. I hope you squeeze the life out of whoever killed him.

Bron the Barkeep: I heard about Deckard Cain. I don’t know what to say. I really liked him. Used to talk to him for hours about his life and everything… I, uh, excuse me. I must have something in me eye…


Uncle Deckard is gone forever. I remember the wonderful times we had together, always off on another crazy quest. What will I do without him? He believed the Stranger was an angel, but he is only a man. I always knew they were just stories. Uncle Deckard died for those stories.

– Leah

Villager: You know what I’ll miss about old Cain? How he’d sit at that table over there, listening to us prattle on, and just smile to himself like he knew the true tale of things.
Villager #2: I remember. This old place won’t be the same without him.

NecromancerYou fight well for a thief.
ScoundrelMy brother taught me when we were younger. He thought the crossbow was the best weapon for me since it would give me time to run away if I botched things too badly.
NecromancerWhere is he now?
ScoundrelOh, he’s still in Kingsport. I expect he’ll be there a good long time.

Villager: You’re going to make those cultists pay for what they’ve done, aren’t you? They can’t be allowed to get away with this!

Villager: Poor Leah. She’s done so much for us, and she’s lost her entire family!
Villager #2: She’s strong. She will move on, Husband. Just like we had to.

Guard: Sir…
Guard #2: Don’t say it. You were right, Eran. If we had recruited more soldiers, Cain might still be alive.
Guard: I wasn’t going to say that. I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I know you liked the old man.

Villager: The cultists can take any of us any time they want! I’ve seen it happen!

act 1
1. The Fallen Star2. The Legacy of Cain3. The Shattered Crown4. Reign of the Black King
5. Sword of the Stranger6. The Broken Blade7. The Doom in Wortham8. Trailing the Coven
9. The Imprisoned Angel10. Return to Tristram
act 2
1. Shadows in the Desert2. The Road to Alcarnus3. City of Blood4. A Royal Audience
5. Unexpected Allies6. Betrayer of the Horadrim7. Blood and Sand8. The Black Soulstone
9. The Scouring of Caldeum10. Lord of Lies
Act 3
1. The Siege of Bastion's Keep2. Turning the Tide3. The Breached Keep4. Tremors in the Stone
5. Machines of War6. Siegebreaker7. Heart of Sin8. Cinematic: The Diamond Gate
act 4
1. Fall of the High Heavens2. The Light of Hope3. Beneath the Spire4. Prime Evil
5. Cinematic: A New Dawn

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