Leah: The guards were asking you about this… Black Soulstone. I remember reading about it in Uncle’s journal, but it didn’t seem important.

Adria: Oh, but it is. It is the key to defeating evil forever! It was created by the mage Zoltun Kulle to trap demonic souls.

Leah: Yes! He was a renegade Horadrim, dismembered by his brethren before he could activate the soulstone. His head was sealed away in the Dahlgur Oasis.

Adria: We must retrieve it, because if we’re to use the soulstone to defeat Belial and Azmodan, Zoltun Kulle must live again!

Templar: I do not like this. We can defeat Belial without using a wizard’s foul magic.



Necromancer: I have a new ally… the witch, Adria.

She believes that the Black Soulstone will allow us to defeat the Lords of Hell. But this remains to be seen…


  • Find the oasis gate in the Flooded Causeway beneath the Caldeum Bazaar

Dealing with Zoltun Kulle seems like a foolish notion, but the Black Soulstone is the best possible prison for Belial. For if we killed him, he would be reborn again in time. There is no true death for the Lords of Hell.


Note: Exit the Hidden Camp to the Caldeum Bazaar. There, make a left turn, then another left turn. Enter the Flooded Causeway through the sewer manhole.


  • Talk to Emperor Hakan II in the Flooded Causeway


Templar: It’s quite a maze down here, isn’t it?

Emperor Hakan II: Listen to me. I cannot talk for long. Belial’s guards are constantly watching me!

Necromancer: Are they?

Emperor Hakan II: Forgive me for my behavior at court. The guards would have killed me had I sided with you. But I will help you now as I can.


  • Find Dahlgur Oasis through the Ruined Cistern beneath the Caldeum Bazaar

Emperor Hakan claims that he is sympathetic to my cause, but I do not believe hm. What ordinary child would sneak into the sewers precisely when I am leaving? I will watch him closely.

Emperor Hakan II: You must be headed to the oasis. I can open this gate for you.

NecromancerYou must act. Retake control of your city!
Emperor Hakan IIThere’s little I can do. Between my advisors and the Imperial Guard my every move and action are controlled.

I have tried to fight back, but Belial’s influence is strong.

But now you’ve given me a chance. Perhaps my only chance.
NecromancerHow can you aid me if you are being watched?
Emperor Hakan IIYou’re here to kill Belial, aren’t you? I can help.
NecromancerBut you have no power.
Emperor Hakan III can still fight in my own way. I want my empire back. I will find where Belial is hiding and deliver him to you.
NecromancerYou have already proved yourself untrustworthy.
Emperor Hakan III told you it was not my choice. My every move is controlled, and I am surrounded by enemies.

But I swear to you I will help you. I will prove it to you.

Note: Exit through the Ruined Cistern.

Note: There is a chance to find a Cain’s Lost Satchel that drops this:

Andariel was the only female Evil. She aided the Lesser Evils for many years, but eventually she lost faith in their plots. Two decades ago, she chose to help Diablo during his resurgence and seized the Citadel of the Sightless Eye. Ultimately, she perished at the hands of brave heroes.

– Deckard Cain

Note: Exit the Ruined Cistern through the Path to the Oasis.


  • Find and enter the Forgotten Ruins in Dahlgur Oasis

You will find the Path to the Oasis Waypoint right after clicking the exit. Unlock it.

Templar: By the Light… I’ve never seen a place like this.

Note: There is a chance to encounter Sokahr the Keywarden of Putridness in this area. He drops the Infernal Machine of Putridness for the Hellfire Amulet.

Templar: Brast, one of the historians of my order once came here. He called it a “fertile valley of slender trees and bold flowers. A place where evil has not found root.”

Note: Explore to find the Dahlgur Oasis Waypoint if you haven’t unlocked it yet.

Necromancer: Traces of Zoltun Kulle’s magic linger here…


  • Find Zoltun Kulle’s Head in the Forgotten Ruins beneath Dahlgur Oasis.

Templar: Brast never wrote about this!

Note: You might find in this area Hunter’s Journal:

We are in agreement. Kulle the renegade must be stopped. He seeks to duplicate the power of the stones and wield it for his own ends. He is obsessed with the powers of Heaven and Hell. Drawing their attention will only bring doom to us all.

– Iben Fahd


  • Get Zoltun Kulle’s Head (0/1)

The Head of Zoltun Kulle…

Note: The head drops a journal. Pick it up.

We set out in one week’s time into the Desolate Sands to search for Kulle’s hidden archives. None of us have any idea what to expect. How far has Kulle’s madness driven him? How much power has he accumulated in his mad quest? I can only hope we are not too late…

– Iben Fahd

An Ancient Guardian spawns shortly after looting Zoltun Kulle’s head.


  • Return to Adria in the Hidden Camp with Zoltun Kulle’s Head

I have retrieved Zoltun Kulle’s head. The mad wizard’s spirit still dwells within it, but he cannot awaken without help. Should things go awry, I suppose I could use him as a new phylactery.

Note: Use the Town Portal (T).


Adria: If you keep holding back, then you’ll never improve.

Leah: Agh!

Adria: Leah, are you all right?

Leah: Yes… I think so.

Adria: I’m sorry to push you like this, but it will all be for the best in the end.

Leah: I know.

Note: As you approach Adria, there is a journal on the ground:

Murderer. Torturer. Monster. These were the titles bestowed upon Zoltun Kulle by the Horadrim. Though it cost them dearly, they killed the wizard for his crimes against nature and sealed his broken corpse within a shadow realm. It seems they were afraid he might return.

– Adria

Adria: It is time. Leah, cast the spell as I taught you!

Zoltun Kulle: I live again!

Tyrael: Zoltun Kulle. We need you to activate the Black Soulstone. We would use it to trap the last two Lords of Hell!

Zoltun Kulle: I know your voice, stranger. It has haunted me in death, just as it commanded me in life. Tyrael!

Tyrael: I am. But now mortal.

Zoltun Kulle: Ah… Fate is… whimsical.



AdriaZoltun Kull. A legend. There is no doubt in my mind he is as powerful as the stories say. But for every bit of his genius, he was surely mad. He was obsessed with immortality and power.
TyraelA madman. We would do better to leave him asleep in the desert than to call on him for aid.
AdriaYou have a better idea?
TyraelI do not. It is merely a warning.

NecromancerAfter what I’ve heard of him, I’d prefer not to become involved with this Zoltun Kulle.
AdriaIt will be dangerous, but you have faced great peril before. If Belial and Azmodan invade, you will have much more to worry about than a dismembered wizard.

LeahI don’t like dealing with Kulle any better than you do, but I see no other way. If Adria says we must, then we must. Uncle Deckard trusted her, and so will I.

TyraelThree hundred years ago, I selected Kulle and six others to form the Horadrim. He was a great man who was driven mad by his long quest to hunt evil.
NecromancerHe is not the first. What did he do?
TyraelHe delved into powers not meant for man, trying to fashion an artifact that could fill his empty heart with the souls of angels and demons. The Horadrim had no choice but to slay him. The order… never recovered.

Note: After finding Zoltun Kulle’s Head, this dialogue is unlocked. This is the last time Kala appears in the Hidden Camp.

KalaI was just another highborn courtier in the palace, but I dreamed of being a famous poet like Solan.

Have you read his work? It makes your heart sing! My ability is nowhere near his, but I suppose you will see that for yourself.

“When the desert sands silence their whispers in the night, and the thousand lights of the stars bleed into the darkness, I will find you in the void. My love will pour from me as words pour from my pen.”

– Kala

Note: These dialogues are unlocked after turning in the quest.

AdriaAfter surviving the devastation in Tristram all those years ago, I sword vengeance upon Diablo and his ilk. I’ve sacrificed everything for it.

This is my path and I will follow it through to its bloody end.
NecromancerLeah is a very trusting individual, isn’t she?
AdriaShe has a kind heart.
NecromancerYou could not be more different.
AdriaKindness will not help us survive in these dark times.
AdriaThe Lord of Lies is cunning. He wears many masks to hide his shifting nature from us.

But we will have an advantage over him — the Black Soulstone. Belial fears its power, for soulstones have bested his siblings in the past and he could be imprisoned as well.
LeahI miss Uncle Deckard so much… It’s hard going on without him.
NecromancerHis soul is at peace. I can assure you of that.
LeahThank you… I’m going to get back to my research.
NecromancerHave you faced Belial before?
TyraelNot openly. He was never one to lead an army. Always in the shadows, much like his mentor Mephisto.

He wields intrigue and artifice as proficiently as you wield your weapons.

NecromancerWhat happened during your time with the Vecin?
Haedrig EamonWhen we first joined the wagon train, we were just two lost souls. The Vecin thought it was unbearably romantic, a pair of lovers on the run from their pasts.

I suppose it might have even been true.

A mystic with the Vecin recognized Mira’s talent immediately. We stayed with them while Mira learned from her. Along the way, we fell in love and married.

I’ve never known anything as surely as my love for her.
NecromancerShe cast quite a spell on you.
Haedrig EamonNever mind.

NecromancerDo you know the fate of your sisters?
EnchantressThey should have awakened as well… but their mission has already ended.
NecromancerWhat do you mean?
EnchantressI sought out the closest two before I met you. They lay dead and mutilated in their chambers. The others are some distance away. I fear the worst.
NecromancerHow did they die?
EnchantressThere were traces of daemonic magic upon their wounds. But surely the Prophet could have protected them. Where has he gone…?

NecromancerHave you ever been in love?
ScoundrelAh yes, the unreasonable one I spoke of earlier. I loved her every inch of my heart before it went black as coal.
NecromancerWhere is she now?
ScoundrelWell, she did what all unreasonable women do: married the wrong man.
NecromancerYou did not intervene?
ScoundrelWouldn’t have been easy… He was my brother.


Villager: It’s disgusting! I’ve seen that woman going in and out of the sewers.
Villager #2: You never can tell with those types.

Refugee: What in the Burning Hells are you? You look like you could storm the city gates all by yourself. Maybe I could convince you to try?

Villager: The imperial guards are demons in disguise! I swear it’s true!

Villager: I hear the Imperial Guard’s hold on the city is weakening. I hear some of their prisoners escaped!

Note: These dialogues are unlocked after returning to the Hidden Camp from finding Zoltun Kulle’s head.

Villager: I remember when Caldeum was the shining Jewel of the East.
Villager #2: I used to dream of coming here.
Villager #3: Lost some of its luster now, eh?

Noblewoman: You can’t treat me like this, like… like some commoner!

Note: This dialogue is unlocked after turning in the quest.

Villager: The sands will wear your skin away. It’s not like it was out there.
Villager #2: I don’t care. I cannot take it here anymore.
Villager: Calm down. Things are changing…


Villager: They will never break our spirits!

Villager: I know a lot of people are happy that the nobles are out here with us, but we’re used to this life. It must be hard on them.

All was well under the new emperor until his untimely death forced the Zakarum priests to find a new heir for Kehjistan’s throne. Through a series of elaborate rituals (undoubtedly a spectacle for their superstitious followers), they determined an impoverished infant in the north was Hakan I’s spiritual successor.

– Abd al-Hazir

Noblewoman: How long must this continue? It’s hard to stay hopeful…

Sadeir the Innkeeper: I heard you were responsible for destroying the Coven. They were a bit soft in the head, were they not?

Villager: There’s an underground movement to depose the emperor. That’s why they have us all trapped out here. They’re trying to break us.
act 1
1. The Fallen Star2. The Legacy of Cain3. The Shattered Crown4. Reign of the Black King
5. Sword of the Stranger6. The Broken Blade7. The Doom in Wortham8. Trailing the Coven
9. The Imprisoned Angel10. Return to Tristram
act 2
1. Shadows in the Desert2. The Road to Alcarnus3. City of Blood4. A Royal Audience
5. Unexpected Allies6. Betrayer of the Horadrim7. Blood and Sand8. The Black Soulstone
9. The Scouring of Caldeum10. Lord of Lies
Act 3
1. The Siege of Bastion's Keep2. Turning the Tide3. The Breached Keep4. Tremors in the Stone
5. Machines of War6. Siegebreaker7. Heart of Sin8. Cinematic: The Diamond Gate
act 4
1. Fall of the High Heavens2. The Light of Hope3. Beneath the Spire4. Prime Evil
5. Cinematic: A New Dawn

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