Necromancer: I killed Maghda. While we fought, she claimed that Belial used the Imperial Guard to capture Leah.

Tyrael: Then they must be holding the emperor against his will! I tremble to think what Belial might do with Leah and her growing power. The only chance we have to rescue Leah is to wrest the emperor from the grasp of the Imperial Guard.

Necromancer: We need to get into teh city. Asheara might be able to help.


  • Talk to Asheara at the Gates of Caldeum in the Caldeum Bazaar

If Belial is controlling the Imperial Guard, we must intervene quickly. The Iron Wolves have proved themselves to be trustworthy so far. Let’s see if they come through for us again.

Asheara: Captain Ravan! The conditions out here are deplorable. Something must be done to aid these people!

Necromancer: Asheara, the emperor is in danger. I need to speak with him.

Asheara: I heard what you did at Khasim Outpost and Alcarnus. You have my thanks, and you shall have my help. Captain Ravan, this woman has vital information regarding the massacre in the Borderlands. We must see the emperor at once!

Captain Ravan: Very well, but I don’t think you’ll find him receptive. Let them pass.


  • Follow Asheara then talk to her to enter the Imperial Palace.

Asheara: Let’s go. I’ll lead you to the palace.


Hakkan: You are bold to have sought this audience with me. My guards tell me you were responsible for the massacre of innocent villagers in Alcarnus.

Necromancer: Your guards lied.

Hakkan: If you are innocent, then why do you have a spy skulking through my sewers? Bring her in!

Leah: Let me go!

Hakkan: I detest violence. Guards, I leave this matter in your hands.


  • Kill the demons in the Imperial Palace

Leah: No!

(Note: Leah’s powers burst outwards as a flame shockwave).


  • Escape the Imperial Palace into the City of Caldeum with Leah.

The emperor is an insolent child. If it weren’t for the suffering of Caldeum, I’d consider letting Belial have him. At least Leah is free now.

Asheara: Get out of here. I will cover your escape.

Leah: Thank you. Now we need to go to the sewers. I’ll explain why when we get there.

Leah: These demons are blocking our way! We must destroy their summoning construct!


  • Demon Summoners destroyed (0/4)
  • Escape to the Sewers of Caldeum with Leah

Leah: There has to be a way into the sewers from here.

Leah: This leads to the sewers!



NecromancerDo you remember your time as an angel?
TyraelNot just any angel. I was the Archangel of Justice. My fall awoke the vengeful dead who were slain unjustly during Diablo’s reign of Terror.

There was nothing I could do. As my power left my body, I had absolutely no control over it.

TyraelCaldeum is the greatest city in the world, the seat of the empire of Kehjistan.
NecromancerSo they say.
TyraelIts libraries overflow with undeciphered tomes of arcane knowledge. Its streets cover labyrinthine tunnels. It is a city of wonder and mystery.

TyraelI do not know how these refugees persevere. Their situation is dire, and it seems there is little hope for them. Where do they find the strength to carry on?
NecromancerTheir hearts possess the will to survive.
TyraelHmm. The human spirit never ceases to amaze me.

TyraelI feel Belial in the very air. I see his shadow behind haunted eyes, hear his voice whispering lies on the wind. He need not bring an army to this city; it is his already.

MyriamMy people are shunned many places, but we were always welcomed in Caldeum. Something must be very wrong that they won’t even let their own people into the city now.
NecromancerBut what is it? You must tell me everything.
MyriamIs that any way to speak to me? And you don’t need visions to see that Belial is in control of the city. The question is how.


Rasheed: Why can’t these people see? We’re nothing like them. You understand that, don’t you? I can tell you’re different from this gutter trash.

Refugee: We paid tribute to the emperor for years! He cannot treat us like this.

Villager: Is there no one to help us?

Villager: The demons have taken over the desert! How long until they come to Caldeum?

Noblewoman: People are being robbed out here! These slums are filled with thieves. You simply must let me in.
Nobleman: We need to be within the safety of the city walls.


Villager: The emperor is destroying the city. He must come to his senses soon.

Villager: The Zakarum are behind everything that’s going wrong around here. They raised the emperor, you know.

Noblewoman: Caldeum relies on trade to survive. If they keep the city closed for long, it will die.

Sadeir the Innkeeper: It’s quite difficult to keep the sand out of here. You haven’t been out in the desert recently, have you?

Not content to reign supreme in commerce and religion, the trade consortium council aspired to make Caldeum a nexus of learning as well. It proposed to unite the mage academies in a massive new structure – the Yshari Sanctum – which has remained a beacon of knowledge and advancement ever since.

– Abd al-Hazir

Villager: To come so close to this wondrous city and not be allowed inside is worse than never seeing it at all.
act 1
1. The Fallen Star2. The Legacy of Cain3. The Shattered Crown4. Reign of the Black King
5. Sword of the Stranger6. The Broken Blade7. The Doom in Wortham8. Trailing the Coven
9. The Imprisoned Angel10. Return to Tristram
act 2
1. Shadows in the Desert2. The Road to Alcarnus3. City of Blood4. A Royal Audience
5. Unexpected Allies6. Betrayer of the Horadrim7. Blood and Sand8. The Black Soulstone
9. The Scouring of Caldeum10. Lord of Lies
Act 3
1. The Siege of Bastion's Keep2. Turning the Tide3. The Breached Keep4. Tremors in the Stone
5. Machines of War6. Siegebreaker7. Heart of Sin8. Cinematic: The Diamond Gate
act 4
1. Fall of the High Heavens2. The Light of Hope3. Beneath the Spire4. Prime Evil
5. Cinematic: A New Dawn

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