Category: Diablo III Quests

Prime Evil | Act IV

The Prime Evil quest is the last quest of Act IV in Diablo III (2012), where the player defeats Diablo the Prime Evil. The quest begins after entering the Gateway to the Silver Spire. YOUTUBE VIDEO OBJECTIVES Cross the Great...

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Heart of Sin | Act III

Adria: I come with urgent news. Leah has had another vision — a vision of twisted, demonic towers and enormous hearts beating within them! Tyrael: I know of them; they are the Sin Hearts. Azmodan must have dredged them up...

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Siegebreaker | Act III

Tyrael: The battle is ours! Find the demon gate at the Edge of the Abyss past Rakkis Crossing I have the privilege of fighting alongside Tyrael himself. Though he is mortal, he still possesses the will and temperament of an...

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