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Speculation: Diablo (1996) Remaster?

Blizzard Entertainment has remastered Warcraft III, StarCraft and Diablo II. What’s next for the Classic Games team?

Certainly, not the original Diablo game — because why would Blizzard remaster a game that anyone can play in GOG, right? Well, Diablo II can still be played in the old-school but Blizzard Launcher players will be able to play Diablo II: Resurrected in PC, and Consoles — so not much of a argument, is it?

My first thought after reading this job opening was that it could be a mistake, but it is spelled out very clear in the “RESPONSIBILITIES” section.

The “diablo” is in the details… “ongoing support” + “Diablo” (1996).

Interesting Characters in the Diablo Immortal file structure

I have been browsing through thousands of file names — no datamining — and have found very interesting NPC names and other tidbits.

I will let you do the speculation after reading through these handpicked file names. It is obvious that some of these will be found in Hell from level 55-60 — which will be available in a upcoming test.

Diablo Immortal Zone Maps

In this page, you may find all the Diablo Immortal zone maps that I stitched together. These mark the rare elite spawn locations, known legendary rare elites, shrines, hidden lair locations, and blue quests.

Discovery by observation:

  • Shrines always spawn in the same locations marked in the map. Shrines have a low % chance to respawn into a rare elite or legendary rare elite.
  • Confirmed: ALL MOBS (normal and rare elite) marked in these maps have a chance to respawn as a legendary rare elite.
  • Blue quests marked as a blue exclamation mark in these maps have a 100% chance to drop Enchanted Dust x 3.
  • Blue quests without a title name (in these maps) represent a bonus quest that triggers on proximity. These reward a Glorious Chest with Enchanted Dust x 3. I recommend clicking all shrines. These seem to have a % chance to respawn as a bonus quest instead. Shrines are interactive switches in short.
  • Some blue quests become available simultaneously when the Haunted Carriage spawns in Ashwold Cemetery.
  • The purple rare elites shown in these maps spawn on proximity to that location, as a WANTED! blue quest. Clicking shrines (as switches) have a % chance to respawn a purple rare elite.
  • Purple rare elites have a 100% chance to drop Enchanted Dust x 3.
  • Normal Treasure Chests and their variants (Bone Pile, Dead Cultists, Glorious Chest) must be clicked always. Forcing them to respawn have a chance to spawn a Cursed Chest (the latter one contains 6 Enchanted Dust). Treasure Chests have a low % to respawn into a yellow rare elite. Purple rare elites marked in this map always spawn in the same location. If you don’t see them but you see a nearby treasure chest variant or a shrine — click them to force a purple rare elite respawn.
  • Confirmed: Purple rare elites have a chance to respawn as a Legendary rare elite. Phroz in Bilefen did.
  • Confirmed: You can force Hidden Lairs to spawn more often by clicking all the treasure chests and shrines within 20-40 yards from Hidden Lair icons in the maps shown in this page.
  • Orange (Legendary) rare elites respawn with different names and 3 random abilities:
    • Attacks apply Chill.
    • Fires target-locking beams of energy.
    • Generates winds that impede or enhance your movement speed.
    • Heals self and allies when health drops below 60%. Only triggers once.
    • Increases Movement and Attack Speed of nearby monsters.
    • Periodically emits a terrifying roar.
    • Periodically Frenzied: Speed and Life increased, and immune to immobilization.
    • Reflects all damage taken from 6 preceding attacks as a fiery explosion.
    • Summons 2 dopplegangers.
    • Summons an immobilizing prison.
    • Summons chilling ice orbs that explode after 3 sec.
    • Summons lightning spheres.
    • Summons poison-spitting snake turrets.
    • Summons rotating beams of arcane energy.
    • Summons walls around its target.
    • Produces slimes on death.
    • Teleports occassionally.

Why are blue quests and purple bosses important?

These drop a Glorious Treasure Chest upon death which contains a 100% guaranteed Enchanted Dust x 3. Diablo Immortal is a game that relies on Enchanted Dust to upgrade (Rank up) your gear up to Rank 20+. This is the way!

All maps will be updated often. All normal trash mobs have an RNG Respawn Rotation with a chance to respawn a Yellow Rare Elite. This is the RNG Respawn Rotation:

  1. Normal Mobs
  2. Normal Mobs + one Treasure Goblin
  3. Blue Rare Elite Pack
  4. Yellow Rare Elite Pack

All Purple rare elites share an RNG respawn rotation with normal, blue and yellow rare elites. However, Purple rare elites spawn in the exact same location marked in the maps with the same name. They won’t respawn in a difference spot. They are static to that spot, making it easy to force their respawn for a 100% guaranteed Enchanted Dust x 3 drop.

Tip: Try to hit Purple rare elites, and blue quests in your farming-route — these drop guaranteed Enchanted Dust x 3 to upgrade your gear at the Blacksmith. Always click all treasure chest spots for the Cursed Chest (Enchanted Dust x 6).

Diablo Immortal Vendors / Merchants

Diablo Immortal vendors / merchants can mostly be found in Westmarch, with some exceptions. Every main hub in each zone has at least a Blacksmith, Identifier, and a Jewelcrafter Apprentice. But those lack other core merchants.

The city of Westmarch has additional merchants such as:

  • Blacksmith
  • Reforge Stone Vendor
  • Essence Transfer Merchant
  • Charms Craftman
  • Honor Merchant
  • Crest Merchant
  • Fading Ember Trader
  • Apprentice Jeweler
  • Crystal Merchant
  • Rarities & Antiquities (Gambling)

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