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Return to Tristram | Diablo III

Tyrael: Time grows short, my friends. Even now, Belial’s influence is spreading through Caldeum.

Leah: But how will we find him?

Tyrael: We won’t have to. Maghda and her coven will lead us straight to him.

Leah: I’m not going anywhere until Uncle Deckard’s been laid to rest.

Necromancer: There is time enough for that.

Tyrael: I have called for a caravan to guide us to the east. Speak to the caravan master when you are ready to go. We will see to Cain as we depart.

Trailing the Coven | Diablo III

Leah: If only I could control this… power. I could have saved him.

Necromancer: I do not know. There were others who were responsible.

Leah: Maghda… and her master, Belial. The journal speaks of an angel falling from the Heavens as the shadow rises from the Abyss. The Stranger is the key to all of this!

Necromancer: So it seems. I will search for him.

Leah: When my power… erupted, I saw into Maghda’s mind for an instant. She’s fled to the Highlands. You can reach them through the caves above Wortham. You have to know she’ll be waiting for you.

Necromancer: I am prepared for that.

Diablo IV Quaterly Update – Feb 2020

Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo IV team has posted the first quaterly report of 2020, earlier than expected.

After BlizzCon 2019 feedback, the developers made changes the UI, moving it to the center of the screen, instead of bottom-left.

This is the first time development of a Diablo game is simultaneous for both PC and Consoles. Console controller support for PC included.

The Quarterly report includes details of a new monster family: The Cannibals — found in the Dry Steppes. Remnants of the Barbarians.

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The Broken Blade | Diablo III

Necromancer: They know where the next piece is. Their leader said it fell where only ancients may tread.

Leah: That makes me think of the Drowned Temple near the Festering Woods. I remember you telling me about it, Uncle.

Deckard Cain: Exactly, Leah. The temple was home to the nephalem. Leah, your knowledge could be invaluable. You must go and help our friend retrieve the sword piece.

Sword of the Stranger | Diablo III

Deckard Cain: Tell me everything you remember, stranger. Every detail.

The Stranger: Falling… fire… a sword of great power. It was… part of me, but it shattered into three pieces as I fell.

Deckard Cain: It is vital that we find those pieces. I believe the sword made whole will restore your memory.

Leah: The goatmen are rampaging through the fields. Could the sword have anything to do with that?

Deckard Cain: Of course, of course! Just as the dead rose around the Stranger, the sword pieces drove the goatmen to madness.

Necromancer: It’s possible. We’ll have our answers once I retrieve the sword.

A Shattered Crown | Diablo III Quest

Deckard Cain: The Skeleton King was once our beloved lord, Leoric. He was driven mad by Diablo’s evil.

He lost both of his sons — and his very soul — before he was finally defeated. Now it seems he’s risen to plague this land once again.

Necromancer: I’ll find a way to lay him to rest.

Deckard Cain: The key to defeating him lies in his old crown. Seek out our blacksmith, Haedrig; he knows of its whereabouts.

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