Players who join the Shadows faction may complete Contracts provided by Bartender Bailey in Westmarch. Contracts reset on Mondays, giving the Shadow a chance to complete 3 contracts that day. Subsequent days will grant 1 additional chance, with a weekly cap of 5 chances.

Shadows may accept 1 out of 2 random contracts from the bartender. Experience and Gold are rewarded for each completed Contract and there is a chance to reward Legendary Item(s). Additionally, bonus chests are rewarded for completing the first 3 Contracts each week.

Shadows may abandon a Contract when it’s in progress, forfeiting rewards and the chance to complete the Contract.

Artful Replacement
Clarity's Bane
Gone and Forsaken
Hidden Flame
Missing Persons
Rednotch Blade
Runes and Ruins
Secret Doors
Shadow Broker
Shady Business
Silencing the Crimsonblade
The Captive Immortal
The Hunt
Ungovernable Impulses

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