Side Quests in Diablo Immortal appear as blue exclamation marks in the mini-map. Every day you can visit Taite (Adventurer Seeker) to grab three random Side Quests in a random zone that provide bonus rewards (Requires level 60).

  • Once per day, you can unlock 3 side quests in a single zone to complete for bonus rewards.
  • Each day at 3am server time, new quests become available to claim; unclaimed quests from the previous day roll over to the next day.
  • You can pay the Adventurer Seeker a fee to get a lead on a different set of quests.
  • After you’ve purchased a lead from the Adventurer Seeker, it won’t disappear until you complete or abandon the associated quests.
  • If you have an active side quest in your log, you must complete or abandon it before you can undertake new side quests.
Demonic Ritual
Hijacked Supplies
The Maddened

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