The Game Awards has begun recently collecting votes for several categories. Diablo Immortal is one of the Best Mobile Game nominees.

You may cast your vote for Diablo Immortal at the following page. It is impressive to see Diablo Immortal shoulder-to-shoulder with Genshin Impact, and to fight the nomination along with Marvel SNAP. Two worthy rivals.

FYI, Marvel SNAP was developed by Second Dinner — a new studios that started after some key developers left the Hearthstone team. Co-founded by Ben Brode, Jomaro Kindred, and Yong Woo. Other developers have joined as well: Kent-Erik Hagman, and Hamilton Chu. At least that I recognize.


  • Apex Legends Mobile
  • Diablo Immortal
  • Genshin Impact
  • Marvel SNAP
  • Tower of Fantasy

In addition, Overwatch 2 is nominated in the Best Multiplayer category alongside:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • Multiversus
  • Splatoon 3
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

No other Blizzard Entertainment games are nominees in other The Game Awards categories. However, it is highly rumored that a Diablo IV cinematic, pre-orders and/or release date might be announced at The Game Awards on December 8. Hold that with a grain of salt, as the rumor hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Blizzard Entertainment or Activision Blizzard.

The NDA-enforced Diablo IV Closed Beta ended on November 18. During one of the investor calls, Activision Blizzard hinted Diablo IV would ship within 12 months. Any day between January – June 2023 falls within the last 6 months of that launch projection. So that gives The Game Awards rumor at least the possibility of a Diablo IV spokeperson to talk about the game, at a bare minimum.

We’ll have to wait 13 days or less to find out if any Diablo IV revelations come up at The Game Awards or shortly after.

// Rumor source: InsiderGaming (Nov 21) and Windows Central (Nov 6) //

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