The Diablo Immortal Bounty Board provides 8 daily bounties that reward gold, items of normal, magic and rare qualities, and large amounts of experience.

  • Complete up to 8 bounties per day with new bounties refreshing at 3am server time.
  • Completing less than 8 bounties increases your maximum the next day (up to a maximum of 24), but resets back down to 8 every Monday morning.
  • You may re-roll up to 3 bounties per day, but the rewards do not change when re-rolling for a new bounty.
  • Bounties can be done in a Party.
  • When a Party leader accepts a bounty it is shared to the group.
  • A Party leader can also tap the portrait image of a Party member to share bounties with them.
  • Players must be in the same area to progress a bounty together.

Diablo Immortal Daily Bounties Videos

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