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Diablo Immortal Vendors / Merchants

Diablo Immortal vendors / merchants can mostly be found in Westmarch, with some exceptions. Every main hub in each zone has at least a Blacksmith, Identifier, and a Jewelcrafter Apprentice. But those lack other core merchants.

The city of Westmarch has additional merchants such as:

  • Blacksmith
  • Reforge Stone Vendor
  • Essence Transfer Merchant
  • Charms Craftman
  • Honor Merchant
  • Crest Merchant
  • Fading Ember Trader
  • Apprentice Jeweler
  • Crystal Merchant
  • Rarities & Antiquities (Gambling)

Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha Giveaways

Blizzard Entertainment is currently running two Diablo Immortal closed alpha giveaways. If your mobile device meets the minimum requirements, then you can participate.

Android Minimum Requirements

CPU – Snapdragon 670 / Exynos 8895 and higher
GPU – Adreno 615 / Mali-G71 MP20 and higher
RAM – 2GB of RAM and higher
Version: Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher

Apple Minimum Requirements

iPhone 8 and higher
Version: iOS 12 and higher

Diablo Immortal Videos: Crusader level 1-55

Diablo Immortal closed alpha has been a blast. Exciting to play after such a long wait. In this series of videos you can watch me level up the Crusader from level 1 to 55 (closed alpha level cap).

The next test might increase it to level 60 and add the Necromancer — but for now this is what we are testing: Crusader and level 55 (cap).

In these videos, you can see the storyline basically without editing anything out. Sometimes I might get disconnected, the client crash, or I accidentally end the stream — but for the most part this is the Director’s Cut. 45.8 hours of gameplay.

Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife PvP Questline

The Diablo Immortal Cycle of Strife PvP is not a fight at your heart’s desire (with no commitment from the developer) happenstance, nor is it a simple PvP system. I think everyone got it wrong. There is so much depth and developer-commitment involved to keep players engaged in PvP for years.

I would even go as far as to say that Diablo Immortal was meant to be a PvP eSport-like game from the beginning, and everything else is just the journey to get there.

I was awe-struck by what I witnessed in Closed Alpha, and I haven’t really started any PvP. I will share with you the Cycle of Strife (PvP) intro questline so that you learn the lore behind the PvP system, and some of the systems surrounding it.

Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha Screenshots

Took over 150 screenshots of Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha. There are so many game systems in this game focused on PvP it is mind numbing. I haven’t even started the PvP beyond the intro questline. See for yourself everything I have seen so far in 12 hours of gameplay.

I will share the YouTube video later late afternoon once they finish processing.

Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha Begins Today

Blizzard Entertainment just announced Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha (Android) begins today in Australia at 5pm Pacific Time. Content Creators will join in a separate server.

We will test the Crusader in this test. The Closed Alpha will stay live for several weeks to ensure players will be able to experience all content to the fullest with ample time to provide feedback.

So, what is coming in the Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha?  Below is a brief description of what is in store but please check out the blog post for an in-depth overview of all the new content.

Diablo II: Resurrected South Asia Press Event (April 19)

Blizzard Entertainment held a South Asia Press Event online (likely via Zoom app) where media outlets were able to interview Andre Abrahamian (game designer) and Matthew Cederquist (game producer) about Diablo II: Resurrected.

This press event seems to have been held a day after D2R tech alpha ended. It seems there was an embargo date to publish the Q&A today. So don’t expect a lot of new info.

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