Blizzard Entertainment recently announced that Diablo Immortal Beta will start in Japan and Korea on November 25.

The Diablo Immortal Closed Beta will continue with a limited number of Android players in South Korea and Japan starting November 25th in KST & JST (UTC +9). As we progress through the Closed Beta, we’ll be listening to your feedback as we aim to craft an awesome all-new Diablo experience for mobile devices.

Earlier today, Drazzlibkun shared in the Reddit Discord that Wyatt Cheng addressed the chinese community via blog to announce China will be joining Beta on November 29.

The letter shared with China has a video filmed in english. Here is a transcript of the video:

Hi everyone, my name is Wyatt Cheng, the game director of “Diablo: Immortal”.

I know that you have been waiting for this “Closed Beta Test Invitation” for a long time; and we thank you very much for your passion and support! During the Closed Alpha Test in July, the entire development team felt a great deal enthusiasm and involvement from Chinese players; and we have been paying close attention to all kinds of feedback and comments in the game and among the community, and we are very thankful for it.

We have received a lot of positive compliment on the game, as well as feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the game further, so that Diablo Immortal can be the best game possible when it releases. It is our mission to provide players with rich and exciting content; and the smoothest game experience possible.

Over the last 4 months, since Closed Alpha, we have been able to make a number of improvements based on all the feedback we have received. Check out our letter to the community for more information. As we welcome players to Closed Beta, we sincerely look forward to hearing more about your experiences and suggestions so that together we can drive toward continuous improvement and progress.

Thank you again, for your support and enthusiasm for Diablo Immortal. We will see you in Westmarch.

Wyatt Cheng

A bit of speculation on my part: We know that closed beta in Canada/Australia will last about 3 months. With China starting closed beta on November 29, this gives us a picture where their test might last until February. That leaves a window of 4 months between the end of China’s Diablo Immortal closed beta and the estimated first-half of 2022 for the game release between February and June.

Calculating the game reiteration lapse of time between technical alpha to closed alpha (106 days) and between closed alpha and closed beta (120 days) — we can extrapolate the launch to happen somewhere in the ballpark of May 14 – May 28 (calculating from the approximate end of Canada/Australia closed beta (January 28); or June 14 – June 28 from the approximate end of the China closed beta (February 28).

The short answer is we don’t know. But we have a bit of math to have fun with guesstimating. Things that we don’t know: will there be soft launches? Call of Duty: Mobile had 3 soft launches, for example: Canada, Australia and Peru.

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