The Dawn of Damnation event was added to Diablo Immortal Beta patch 1.3. Seems to be available to both — players with free and paid Battle Pass. (update: official post)

Throughout the Dawn of Damnation, six new quests will be available each day, with the total number of quests that can be accumulated maxing out at 42.

Each quest is randomized. Most quests can be accomplished alone (except the quests completed in a dungeon). All quests can be done in a group.

Quests reward Obol of Damned — a new currency that can be used to purchase items in the Event Shop. Among the items you can purchase in this new Event Shop:

  • normal gems
  • legendary crests
  • rare crests
  • Scoria
  • Enchanted Dust
  • Sapphire — with potential of ramdom Garnet or Beryl, instead, for the Legacy of the Horadrim shrine (not confirmed)
  • Mystery Legendary Item
  • potentially other random rewards.

This event is also a War Effort where the progress of all players rewards every participant with Obol of the Damned — based on the total number of quests completed by players on your server. For each 10K quests completed server-wide, you can loot one of these treasure chests which contain Obol of the Damned coins.

  • 10K = 20 Obols
  • 20K = 30 Obols
  • 30K = 40 Obols
  • 40K = 50 Obols
  • 50K = 60 Obols


Some of the quests I have completed so far:

  1. Kill 100 enemies in Shassar Sea (best location: Domain of Horror)
  2. Kill 100 enemies in Frozen Tundra (best location: Ruins of Sescheron and Plains of Blood)
  3. Kill 100 enemies in Darkwood (best location: Nesting Grounds)
  4. Kill 100 Enemies in Zoltun Kulle’s Library (best location: Archive of Secrets)
  5. Kill 100 enemies in Ashwold Cemetery (best location: The Ossuary)
  6. Kill 20 Rare Elites (best locations: Plains of Blood, Ruins of Sescheron; and eastern Zoltun Kulle’s Library)
  7. Kill 3 Infernal Berserkers in Darkwood
  8. Kill 3 Infernal Berserkers in Ashwold Cemetery
  9. Complete Temple of Namari on Hell difficulty (Requires Party) — any hell difficulty credits you.
  10. Complete Cavern of Echoes on Hell difficulty (Hell 1+)
  11. Complete Tomb of Fahir on Hell difficulty (Hell 1+)

Work in progress. Recording video. Follow @blizzplanetcom for updates.


Below each of the 6 days of Dawn of Damnation Event videos will be posted.

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