A few days ago, lead designer Wyatt Cheng revealed that Diablo Immortal Internal Testing would begin in upcoming weeks.

On Tuesday, August 11 at 6:50am — a Reddit Discord member that goes by the nickname SnowTyrant posted a cryptic message and left for over 24 hours that had us speculating what he meant: “I heard some whispers… Tomorrow is a BIG day.”

At some point during the day, when I provided my own speculations, the discussion about how long has SnowTyrant being around and who he might be came up.

A content creator going by Gregg2G said he might be this same SnowTyrant — NetEase forum super moderator. We haven’t confirmed this yet. He has the same avatar.

If he was the same person, he would be located in China. So I visited Tap Tap to see if there were any updates there. The loose translation goes like this:

“The heroes have been waiting for a long time. Now the development team is testing and verifying internally. The overall progress is still steadily advancing. Please wait for the next news.”

“Thank you very much for your waiting and support. I have been waiting for a long time… Now the development team is still working hard to accept the feedback of internal testing for verification and optimization. Please wait for future news~”

Notice how he refers to it in present time instead of… upcoming weeks or soon? As if it is already in internal testing?

Eventually, SnowTyrant returned briefly to the Reddit Discord and dropped this without further words:

“Internal Test has begun, both Android and iOS are available.”

This doesn’t mean that we can download it in Google Play or the App Store. It only means that Blizzard employees in California, Texas, Ireland, Paris, Taiwan, and other satellite offices can now playtest Diablo Immortal internally.

It might be nothing, and I am unsure if we will get an official word from Blizzard to confirm that Internal Playtest has begun — but if this is all true, then we are a step closer to Beta Testing in a few months.

PezRadar (Diablo community developer lead) curiously has been present in Diablo Immortal Reddit Discord silent for a long time, and suddenly said a few words yesterday in the channel, and did not confirm or deny any of our speculations. Usually he would debunk unfounded hype, but not this time.

As you can see, of all days, Diablo community manager FilthieRich came to the Diablo Immortal Reddit Discord channel and claimed his blue-tag in the channel.

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