BlizzCon 2019: Diablo Immortal Gameplay Livestream

UPDATE: Head to Ashwold Manor.

NOTE: You can filter the item quality you wish to auto-equip upon looting, or which types to not auto-equip. In this case, White items, Blue items, and Yellow items.

You can also view your character’s gear in a live animated render. You can rotate the character in this page. All your stats can be viewed here, and how much experience you need until the next level.

Legendary Crossbows: Flamespite and Blacktalon.

Yellow item: Exquisite Epaulets.

When a character dies in Diablo Immortal you can revive at the corpse (Ignore the countdown, that is what remains before the BlizzCon 2019 Diablo Immortal demo’s 20-minutes gameplay limit ends)



NOTE: Sometimes when walking by a corpse, if it is near you, it will show a gear icon — which means you can interact with and loot the corpse.

At 39:03, something unexpected happened. I am still trying to figure it out. A treasure chest spawned out of the blue. Either the Treasure Chest spawned as reward for a 20 Kills bonus or upon completing the special event’s objectives. I am leaning on the latter.

If you don’t loot a Legendary item that drops to the ground, eventually it will despawn.

Barbarian legendary off-hand – Stormbringer.

Barbarian legendary weapon – War Axe of the Ancients.



During the Barbarian livestream, the player reached a location he hadn’t explored with the Demon Hunter and Wizard before. The quest continues to be Ashworld Cemetery.

Xul: Ah, hello again. I assume you followed the surge of energy here as well? Lethes never did have the patience for subtlety. Come, we must find the source of this profane rite. At its apex, we will find my wayward apprentice.

UPDATE: Follow Xul into the Manor.
Destroy the Ritual (0/1)
Kill the Bone Golem (0/1)

After killing the Bone Golem…

UPDATE: Talk to Xul.

Xul: A necrotic barrier… quaint. Well, there are always three of these rituals. Go and put an end to the others.

UPDATE: Find and destroy the Rituals (0/2).

The next Ritual is protected by a Decay Golem.

The last Ritual is protected by a Blood Golem.

Alert: Blood Golem has started to Charge. Break the shield! 4 seconds.

UPDATE: Talk to Xul.

A special event is found with a light green exclamation mark.


NOTE: Hmm… unsure, but this has potential for an easter egg. The first ever Blizzard eBook was written by Robert B. Marks. In Diablo: Demonsbane, there was a Captain Hagan of the Brennor City Guard. Siggard and Sarnakyle helped him fend off a demonic attack. The eBook was later printed in the Diablo Archive.


Lethes: Damn you, Xul. Always so persistently afraid of my talent… Well, no more! I am beyond you now. Rathma himself will fear my name… and you… your suffering begins now!

While Lethes channels her ritual on a tomb, you fight Lethe’s Simulacrum.

The demo ended for the Barbarian.


Lieutenant Hudson: Adventurer, I need your help. My patrol has been fighting back a rather persistant undead assault and one of our guardsmen was gravely wounded. If we can put an end to the undead assault, Rayne can get the aid he needs. Will you help us?

UPDATE: Reach the Undead Assault.

The monk session ended before he could complete the event.





First treasure goblin I have seen in the Diablo Immortal livestreams.

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