Location: The Ossuary

UPDATE: Defend Guard’s Watch from the undead (0/25).

So far at level 5, the player has looted 235 gold. Here he shows the inventory again. The character stats appear on the left of the screen.

Rare Elites appear in the mini-map as their color code before they appear onscreen. Here is a blue rare elite pack of Hungry Corpse.

The Demon Hunter skills are shown here:

Reaches Guard’s Watch (Safe Zone)

UPDATE: Talk to Captain Azmir.

Captain Azmir: What do you need, stranger? And be quick, I’ve got enough on my plate dealing with these rotten corpses…

Demon Hunter: I’m looking for Queen Asylla’s former handmaiden. The girl’s life is in grave danger.

Captain Azmir: Gods, I’m sorry… It’s been a long week, but that’s no excuse… Look, the handmaiden’s home isn’t far, just up the trail from here beyond the graves. I’d join you if I could but…

Demon Hunter: It’s alright, I understand. Don’t worry, I will find her.

Captain Azmir: We’ll hold our own. Best of luck.


It seems Diablo Immortal also has a massive map that allows you to drop pins. These are like GPS pins that guide you to the destination.

UPDATE: Find the Handmaiden.

Reaches level 7. (It’s been 17:55 minutes since the player started playing Diablo Immortal)

Location: The Handmaiden’s Cottage

UPDATE: Kill the ambushing undead (0/6)

UPDATE: Talk to Xul.

Xul: Death has a way of following you, stranger.

Demon Hunter: I didn’t kill her if that’s what you’re thinking…

Xul: Ha, of course you didn’t. No, I recognize my old student’s handiwork. The body is still warm too. Hmm, you may wish to stand back… reanimation can be, unpredictable.

Xul: Rathma, guide my voice to the soul of the recently slain. Return to us, child, we have one final task for you.

Handmaiden’s Spirit: No, NO! Stop torturing me! I didn’t do anything! I told you everything!

Xul: It’s all right… No one can hurt you any more. You’re safe now. That woman… the one who hurt you, what did she want?

Handmaiden’s Spirit: She wanted the location of the Queen’s tomb. I told her! I didn’t want to! But, she… she made me. They buried the Queen in the old garden. Hid her tomb underneath, so no one would ever disturb her rest… I-I failed Asylla. I failed my queen.

Xul: Poor girl… I’ll stay here– ensure she’s properly interred. You, however, need to get to that tomb. Do not let Lethes near the Queen’s body. May your soul find rest young one…

NOTE: Special events seem to appear as green exclamation marks on the top-left, beneath the character frame.


NOTE: 19 minutes since the game started, this is the first time a treasure chest appears. It seems to spawn rarely because something new happened here. The entire mini-map flashed a green border, and a chest icon materialized.

Location: Queen Asylla’s Tomb

5 minutes remaining


NOTE: If you enter the main objective’s dungeon, before completing the special or bonus quest, it automatically fails — as seen in the image below:

UPDATE: Investigate the Queen’s Tomb.

UPDATE: Inspect the Queen’s Burial Vault.

Reaches Level 8.

Skeletal Mage: The Queen’s spirit will lead the way to the Black King, Leoric. Soon my master, Lethes, will have his wretched soul… and the damned shall bow before their new monarch.

UPDATE: Kill the Skeletal Mage

The Skeletal Mage is immune to knockback. He has a frontal beam attack, and rotates. He teleports. Summons several green spheres that form a line, then chase the player as missiles.

Skeletal Mage: Even if you reach the manor, her task will not be halted. The ritual… is underway.


Reward: Exquisite Epaulets (Yellow item)

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