A chinese streamer was allowed by Blizzard Entertainment to livestream his Diablo Immortal gameplay for nearly two hours.

The game starts with the hero being rowed through the river by a ferryman.

Ferryman: This is it… the dock for Wortham. That whole village has gone to hell… You sure I can’t take you someplace else?

Demon Hunter: Yes, I am. Wortham is beyond the forest I take it?

Ferryman: Aye, follow the road and be on your guard. Unfortunate things happen to travelers in that forest…

Demon Hunter: Do not worry. I have seen my share of dangers before.

Alert: Head through the forest to the town of Wortham.

Demon Hunter: There is a madness behind that wolf’s eyes.
Demon Hunter: An infestation… What has defiled these woods so thoroughly?

It didn’t take long to reach level 2. Level 3 was just about 10 kills away as well.

Demon Hunter: With every step, the forest’s rotten nature reveals itself further… I must be nearing the corruption’s source.

You need to approach items on the ground and tap to loot them.




In order to accept a quest, you must approach the NPC and tap onscreen to start a dialogue. After accepting the quest, you take a portal to Ashwold cemetery.

Wortham Guard: Ah, an adventurer! Good. The undead are assailing Ashwold Cemetery! This portal should get you there. I’m sure they’ll appreciate any help they can get.

Quest: Head into Ashwold Cemetery.

You arrive to The Outskirts in the cemetery. A red arrow in front of your character aims at the quest location informing you how many meters away you are from the destination.

You can destroy environmental props and doodads.

Grave Robber: There she is, bring her back to Gordon!

Samina: Please, no! Don’t hurt me!

UPDATE: Kill the Grave Robbers chasing Samina (0/3).

Someone help me! Please!

When you complete the quest, a red question mark shows up above the NPC.

Samina: Thank Akarat for your help, stranger, but my husband… He’s still in danger! Our home is to the north. He’s all alone with those bandits! Please, don’t worry about me… help him!

UPDATE: Head to the Groundskeeper’s Home.

When you loot an item, you will see if it is an upgrade when green up-arrows pop onscreen.

Gordon the Jackal: Pah, you got lucky. Come on boys, let’s deal with this little interruption…

Players need to click on objects or NPCs with a gear icon above them to channel interaction.

UPDATE: Help Ulric stand up.

Ulric: A thousand blessings upon you, friend. Ashwold’s always had the occasional bandit. Nothing like this, though. What luck brings you to my door?

NOTE: Potential easter egg, or coincidence. Ulric is a name from Beowulf, but also one of the Mercenary Hirelings in Diablo II Act V. Unknown if this is the same guy.

Demon Hunter: I have my reasons. However, I heard rumors that the dead had begun to rise in Ashwold. Do you know anything about that?

Ulric: Of course! The whole guard’s been fighting them for weeks. My son joined up at the Crypt of Honored Dead just this morning. If you find him, I’m certain he’ll help you.

Level 4 earned.

Ulric: Thank you, again… I’m off to find Samina!

UPDATE: Head to the Crypt of Honored Dead.

18+ Kill bonuses still happen in Diablo Immortal.

Shrines can be found in the game. This Frenzy Shrine provided increased critical hit chance. The buff is seen beneath the character frame.

Lethes: Stop wasting my time, you peasant! I know her body was buried here… Where is Asylla’s tomb?

NOTE: This is most likely Queen Asylla — King Leoric’s wife.

Wortham Guard: The Queen’s tomb… was hidden. The dead… deserve… their rest.

Lethes: Wrong answer. The dead serve me! A fact you will learn soon enough. You! It’s your turn, so I suggest you speak quickly. Where is the tomb?

Bramden: I don’t know! None of us do! Only the queen’s handmaiden knew its location, I swear!

NOTE: Lethes is a female necromancer who seeks the worldstone to reshape order in Sanctuary.

Xul: Lethes, stop this! Your wanton disregard for life ends here. You will be brought to justice…

NOTE: Xul is the necromancer hero introduced in Heroes of the Storm.

Lethes: Xul… how I tire of your jealous attempts to suppress my potential. No. Now, with the power of the Worldstone at my command, I will obtain true dominion over the dead. Your entire lethargic order will be swept away and replaced by one with the ambition to reshape this corrupt world. You are a relic, old man, and you are no longer needed.

UPDATE: Defeat the undead attacking Xul (0/7).

Upon killing the Enraged Phantom, he dropped a legendary crossbow named Flamespite which increased the player’s Willpower +12, Vitality +17, Damage +11, Demolition (Active)

Xul: Thank you for your aid, adventurer… It appears I must go and teach my former student another painful lesson. The guard still lives, it seems. I leave him in your capable hands…

Bramden: Ugh, what a day. Certainly didn’t expect to get choked by some death mage when I left stead this morning…

Demon Hunter: That “death mage” isn’t past killing for the information she seeks. That handmaiden is in grave danger. I need you to help me or that girl is as good as dead.

Bramden: Light’s mercy, you’re right… wait, I know! Captain Azmir at Guard’s Watch! He knows the maid! If you head there right away, there may still be time!

Reaches Level 5 – New skill unlocked: Strafe.

UPDATE: Head to Guard’s Watch

Bramden: Good luck, friend! I’m headed back to my family…

Pool of Reflection found – Gain Bonus Experience. An EXP icon appears above the character.

With this buff, you have a high chance to spawn Experience Globe (purple orbs). Each Experience Globe grant +67 Experience.

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