Personally, I haven’t heard any developer confirm that the character welcoming Lilith in the cinematic is in fact her son Rathma. I might have missed that if otherwise.

PiZZaPatriZZa shared in Reddit a link to a thread response by Customer Support Tyryndar where he “unofficially” confirms that was Rathma. I’d prefer a developer to confirm this, but this is what we got so far. So you should hold it cautiously for what it is.



**Roughly translated from German with Google Translate:

Gryffindor: Who is this guy, who comes from the movie Prometheus, in the trailer ?!

Tyryndar: Rathma, the son of Lilith and Inarius. There was a brief glimpse of this part of the history of Sanctuary on our website for the release of the Necromancer DLC.

If you want to know more and know more about English, I recommend the community managed Diablo-Wiki. — source

The community manager Rynundu posted in the same thread much later on November 3, and he did not correct or address Gryffindor’s revelation.

If that was in fact Rathma, the implications of him summoning Lilith back into Sanctuary are overwhelming — especially, for the Necromancers who venerate him. The main issue is that the hooded character (presumably Rathma) is using the human to recite the Triune incantations that summoned Lilith. Why is Rathma in a Triune temple in the first place?

Did Rathma summon Lilith to help the balance? If so, what could be so terrifying that Rathma would need Lilith to guarantee that the balance is maintained in Sanctuary?

Was the summoning of Lilith seen by Rathma as a Tit-for-Tat response to Malthael’s genocide in Sanctuary? In which case, the plan is to take the fight to the High Heavens?

If that is not the reason, will Lilith be the main villainess, or who defends Sanctuary against a more menacing threat to Sanctuary?

So many questions.

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