How to get Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition Delivered on March 25

This has been a secret trick I have used for the past few years to get my Collector’s Editions delivered on release day.

Have you pre-ordered a Collector’s Edition and it gets delivered 2 days after the official release date? Maybe even longer? It is a nightmare when it takes several days to arrive. Especially with the Heroes of the Storm Valla Hero redeemable until March 31. Learn how to here.

How about getting it delivered exactly on the official release date? You can. If you follow my trick, you will get the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls CE delivered to your door on March 25th in the afternoon (tops).

Usually when the release date is approaching, Amazon adds the “On Release Day” shipping option. What happens is that the Collector’s Edition leaves the store and gets shipped on March 23 with a 2-day shipping. Amazon makes sure that the delivery arrives on the release date (March 25th).

1. Go to the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition page.

2. Login to your Amazon account.

3. Hit the pre-order button.


4. Whenever you see the shipping options, make sure to choose the following option: “Two-Day Shipping — get it on its release day: Tuesday, March 25.”


5. The option will cost an additional $7.98 (more or less depending where you live in the United States), but it is totally worth it.


A few years ago, I contacted an Amazon representative via chat when I first noticed the Release Day option. She had to explain it to me several times as I was skeptic. I was surprised when on release date the delivery man knocked my door. The Collector’s Edition was on my door on release date afternoon.

Hopefully, this may be of help to someone. If you had pre-ordered before, simply pre-order it again. Once you finish the order and you notice the estimate shipping date is on Release date, feel free to cancel the older order.

Garwulf’s Corner: An Odyssey into Diablo and the World Beyond the Video Game

Diablo fans who followed the Garwulf’s Corner at the former years ago might be excited to learn something shared with me by its author Robert B. Marks.

Before we get into that, for those who weren’t around the Blizzard community back then — Garwulf’s Corner was a bi-weekly column discussing everything Diablo and Diablo II, as well as life topics in general such as movies, literature, video games, etc.

Robert B. Marks is also the author of Diablo: Demonsbane. Demonsbane was the first Diablo eBook published in 2000 and he is author of the EverQuest Companion. Most likely the first book in the Blizzard novel collection, and likely the pioneer of gaming eBooks in general — at a time where Kindle didn’t exist, and eBooks were just a first-time experiment.

Diablo: Demonsbane can be read in printing nowadays within the pages of the Diablo Archive.

Last night, Robert B. Marks informed me he is publishing a book titled … Garwulf’s Corner: An Odyssey into Diablo and The World Beyond the Video Game.

I’ll keep you updated as details become available. I’ll get a review copy as soon as it comes out of printing. The book is slated to ship on October 2014 from the Legacy Books Press. Robert B. Marks websites: The Dragonmage’s Realm and Garwulf’s Corner (Livejournal)

At the dawn of the 21st Century, the video game industry experienced a period of wild creativity, fighting for recogniztion as an art form while making the transformation into a media juggernaut. And as it did, Garwulf’s Corner was there.

One of the earliest, if not the first, video game issues columns on the internet, Garwulf’s Corner ran every two weeks from 2000 to 2002 on, Written by Robert B. Marks, author of Diablo: Demonsbane and The EverQuest Companion, it explored everything up to and including Diablo, the birth of artificial intelligence, hackers, literature and movies, and the video game’s struggle for legitimacy.

Collected here for the first time in print — whith new introductions and updates — are all 52 installments of Garwulf’s Corner, along with the three columns written years later for the unpublished Blurred Edge Magazine, the holiday issue that never was, and the author’s final word (so far) on Diablo III and Diablo in general. Insightful, controversial, witty, and thought-provoking, Garwulf’s Corner is a journey into the world of video games that is still relevant today.

ISBN: 9781927537107
Price: $19.99 US



JINX Super Secret Sale: Diablo III Jackets 30% OFF w/ Free Shipping

JINX has a limited-time offer of Diablo III Jackets at a 30% OFF discount with FREE Economy shipping. This offer is only active through March 5-6. So hurry up.

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In addition, this week’s Critical Hit offer drops the following Diablo III products 25% OFF.

BradyGames Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Signature Series Strategy Guide

Those who pre-ordered the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls might want to add the BradyGames Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Signature Series Strategy Guide.

bradygames-diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-signature-series-guideThis Signature Series Strategy Guide from BradyGames leads gamers through the sprawling streets of Westmarch to save the city, and all of Sanctuary, from a new threat.

  • Complete quest guide covers every quest in the new Reaper of Souls expansion with town maps, minions, lootables for each new area, and descriptions of all unique monsters as you encounter them.

  • Exclusive dungeon maps & tactics for the most challenging areas and expert strategy for all boss battles.

  • In-depth heroes section provides a thorough rundown of all active and passive skills for each hero, including the all new Crusader.

  • Exhaustive overview of the Diablo III crafting system, including the new Artisan, Myriam the Mystic.

  • A comprehensive listing of all legendary and set equipment items—weapons, armor, and accessories—including descriptions for all affixes that enhance items in the game.

  • Bestiary includes a visual encyclopedia of all creatures, old foes and new threats alike, including critical stats and detailed descriptions of special attacks, abilities, and behaviors.

About Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Though Diablo has been vanquished, the Prime Evil rages within the Black Soulstone, screaming for vengeance and release. Malthael, the Angel of Death, manifests in the mortal realms with a new purpose: to steal the Black Soulstone and bend its infernal power to his will. Take up arms with the new Crusader class or as one of the classic Heroes. It’s up to you to save the city of Westmarch, and Sanctuary itself.

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: BRADY GAMES (March 25, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0744015421
ISBN-13: 978-0744015423


Toy Fair New York 2014 – Blizzard Licensed Products

I visited the Toy Fair New York to visit some of the Blizzard partners in search of licensed products. This year there wasn’t any new products, but at least there were products recently shipped and some are expected to ship on April 2014.

Prior to the event I learned there were no new Blizzard licensed products from USAopoly and Mega Bloks to be shown at the Toy Fair. Thus, I focused my attention on Funko and NECA, who are exhibitors at the event.


The Funko booth #4805 is displaying several licenses in the form of POP Vynil figures, Wacky Wobblers, Plushies and Papercraft. Among their licensed products displayed at the Toy Fair New York are (follow the links for better photos):



I had the pleasure to see the NECA Diablo III Lord of Terror Deluxe Scale Action Figure. It stands 9 inches tall with several articulations.

This action figure was sculpted by former-McFarlane sculptor Brian Fay who is currently Blizzard Entertainment’s in-house sculptor. I don’t think any photo can do justice to all the details in this action figure.

My sincere advice is that if you really like this action figure, please don’t hesitate nor wait until it ships. Go pre-order it. Pre-orders are like a survey. If it gets great demand, more products are created. It only costs $24.99.


I was very excited to see the life-size Diablo III – Prop Replica – El’Druin, The Sword of Justice. This is Tyrael’s sword. I wielded it on my hand, and it is not heavy. Feels right and balanced. The description below tells you the materials it was crafted on.

The NECA booth #4802 can be found on the lower floor.

This recreation of Archangel Tyrael‘s legendary weapon was built directly from digital files used in-game, and measures nearly three and a half feet long. It features a pulsing blue LED light in the hilt, simulating the awesome protective powers the sword draws from the High Heavens.

Each El’Druin is carefully crafted of ABS, plastic and PVC in a construction designed for durability and impact resistance. Afterwards, it is hand-painted in gold and silver, using a mix of washes and dry brushing to enhance the detail and the metallic feel. The result is a realistic replica that looks just like the real thing, but is perfectly safe.

Batteries included.



Diablo III: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls Kindle Only $0.99

The Diablo III: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls for Kindle is now only 99 cents for a limited-time. A Kindle device is not necessary to read this eBook. Choose the “Deliver to Kindle Cloud” option to read it on your Firefox or favorite internet browser.


diablo-iii-heroes-rise-darkness-falls-coverA collection of terrifying tales based on the award-winning video game!

A bold demon hunter risks becoming her own worst enemy while tracking down her sinister prey… A haunted barbarian returns to his shattered homeland to face a harrowing past… A lone monk scours evil from an ancient forest where the line between friend and foe has vanished… A gifted but impetuous wizard finds out that great knowledge and power come with a price … A proud young witch doctor makes a chilling discovery that shakes his faith to its core… A desperate playwright embarks down a dark path of madness and depravity in his quest for fame… An unscrupulous wagon driver learns that his sole passenger is harboring a terrifying secret…

These are stories from the world of Sanctuary, a land of mystery and dread that serves as the backdrop for Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning Diablo video game series. Although these narratives focus on different characters and settings, they are bound together by the web of horror and suspense that is intrinsic to the Diablo universe. In this gothic fantasy realm, terror is a constant. It comes in many forms, from grotesque horned demons to the deepest fears of mortal hearts and minds. Brace yourself for this collection of exciting and frightening tales that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


Diablo III: Storm of Light Shipping Today

diablo-storm-of-light-coverThe Diablo III: Storm of Light by Nate Kenyon has shipped today. This novel tie-in bridges the gap between Diablo III and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. The Prologue starts right away with Tyrael facing his mortal doubts after taking the mantle of the Archangel of Wisdom, and the discrimination of his own angelic brethren while residing at the High Heavens.

Throughout the novel, the reader will encounter iconic heroes of Sanctuary from different printed media: Mikulov from Diablo III: The Order by Nate Kenyon. Jacob of Staalbreak, Shanar the Wizard and Gynvir the Barbarian hail from the pages of the DC Comics Diablo: Sword of Justice graphic novel by writer Aaron Williams & artist Joseph Lacroix.

Zayl the Necromancer can be found in the pages of Diablo: Kingdom of Shadow (reprinted in the Diablo Archive) and also main character in Diablo: Moon of the Spider — both by New York Times best selling author Richard A. Knaak.

Expect a Blizzplanet review very soon. All these novels (except for the Diablo Archive) are available in Kindle by following the links. However, you don’t need a Kindle device to read them. There is an option to read it with the Amazon Cloud Reader which allows you to read the books and the graphic novel on your PC/Mac internet browser.

Diablo III: Storm of Light – Excerpt Available

diablo-storm-of-light-coverBlizzard Entertainment released an excerpt of the upcoming Diablo III: Storm of Light novel by New York Times best-selling author Nate Kenyon.

In this brief excerpt we can see the interaction between the Angiris Council and Tyrael in his mortal form shortly after the Diablo III cinematic finale where Tyrael took his place as the new Wisdom.

According to the Diablo III: Book of Tyrael, the mantle of Wisdom was infused into Tyrael by the Crystal Arch itself — which is something that happened off-panel and not in-game.

The excerpt shows the debate between the archangels of what should be the proper thing to do with the Black Soulstone, and the enigma that it represents. It was forged by a human, and thus the angels can’t predict what might happen if the Black Soulstone was destroyed. Not even the scrolls of fate know.

Tyrael suggests it should be hidden away. The novel gaps the bridge between the Diablo III cinematic finale and the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls cinematic intro. The novel will be available on February 4, 2014.

Pre-order Diablo III: Storm of Light in paperback or as an eBook (Kindle, mobile or PC/Mac).

Book Description

The High Heavens are healing after the fall of the Prime Evil. The Angiris Council has recovered the Black Soulstone and now stands vigil over the cursed artifact deep within the glimmering Silver City.

Amid these momentous events, Tyrael struggles with his position as the new Aspect of Wisdom, feeling out of place as a mortal among his angelic brethren and doubting his ability to fully embody his role. As he searches within himself and the Heavens for reassurance, he senses the Black Soulstone’s grim influence on his home. Where harmony of light and sound once reigned, a mounting discord is threatening to shroud the realm in darkness. Imperius and the other archangels vehemently oppose moving or destroying the crystal, leading Tyrael to put Heaven’s fate in the hands of humankind . . . .

Drawing powerful humans to his side from the far ends of Sanctuary, Tyrael reforges the ancient Horadrim and charges the order with an impossible task: to steal the Soulstone from the heart of Heaven. Among the champions entrusted with this burden are Jacob of Staalbreak, former avatar of Justice and guardian of the angelic blade El’druin; Shanar, a wizard with phenomenal powers; Mikulov, a lithe and reverent monk; Gynvir, a fearless and battle-hardened barbarian; and Zayl, a mysterious necromancer. With time and the forces of both good and evil against them, can these heroes unite as one and complete their perilous mission before Heaven falls to ruin?



“Then tell us what insights you have gained from Chalad’ar, Wisdom,” Imperius said, his voice mocking once again. “Tell us what to do with the stone. The Council has been divided on this for too long. Or are the rumors among the angels correct, and you have yet to consult the chalice?”

Itherael and Auriel turned to Tyrael, waiting for him to offer a solution. He looked at the soulstone on its perch, imagined he saw a beat of blood-red light at its core. The darkness pervades this holy place, he thought. It creeps in unbidden and corrupts everything it touches.

Tyrael had come to his own decision. But he was unsure about how his advice would be taken by the others and hesitated for a moment too long.

Imperius turned away. “Malthael would have never been without an answer, yet this one is silent once again. I shall speak for him, then. We break the stone at the Hellforge.”

A murmur from Auriel brought a fast response. “We should not risk destroying it,” Itherael said. “It was forged by human magic; its destiny is a mystery to me. Even the Scroll of Fate cannot tell us what might result from such an attempt–”

“It must be hidden!” Tyrael said.

His words rang out, stronger than he might have intended. The others stopped, their attention returning to him. He cleared his throat again, hating how weak it made him sound. A throat made of flesh and blood was not a trustworthy vessel for such a speech. He tried again. “Itherael is right,” he said. “The Black Soulstone’s power is unknown to us. The Horadric mage Kulle forged it using magic the nephalem alone possess. We cannot risk trying to destroy a thing like this; it may even release the Prime Evil upon us once again.”

“Hide it where?” Auriel’s tone had grown cautious, as if she knew what he might say. “We have already discussed shrouding it but could not come to an agreement. It cannot stay in the Council chambers forever.”

Tyrael looked at his fellow archangels, sadness washing over him. He imagined that they viewed him with suspicion, perhaps thinly veiled hostility. Even Auriel’s aura had changed, her wings pulsing softly with a light that mirrored the taint he had seen in the gardens among the trees.

He was not Justice, nor Wisdom, nor was he a man; he was a mortal angel, and this did not fit with the world they knew, or with any other. His vision of peace with the land of men and a new life ending in eternal sleep was swiftly fading.

He had never meant for it to come to this.

“In Sanctuary,” he said finally. “We must hide the stone in a place where neither angel nor demon can reach.”


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