Blizzard Entertainment has definitely changed the way audiobooks are presented in Amazon. They no longer open pre-orders that launch months later, up to a year. They drop them overnight into the store.

The Diablo: The Sin War, Scales of the Serpent Audiobook is available for sale and you can listen to it whole right away.

Originally, this novel by Richard A. Knaak was released before Diablo III’s announcement. Most of the themes and concepts in the game are based on the novel trilogy — such as the origin of the nephalem.

Now that Diablo 4 is in the distant horizon, if you never read the novel, this is the perfect opportunity to get to learn more about how Sanctuary was built, Angel Inarius, Lilith, Rathma, Trag’Oul, the Angiris Council and the Prime Evils. It’s all in this novel — now narrated to you by Richard Halverson.

Visit the link to listen to an audible sample.

If you want to jump into the trilogy, you should start with Diablo: The Sin War, Book 1: Birthright (Audible). This one was released in March 10, 2020. That means we should expect the third and last part of the trilogy in audiobook format in March 2021 (based on the trend of a release every 6 months).

Diablo: The Sin War, Scales of the Serpent Audiobook

Since the beginning of time, the angelic forces of the High Heavens and the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells have been locked in the Eternal Conflict for the fate of all Creation. That struggle has now spilled over into Sanctuary – the world of men. Determined to win mankind over to their respective causes, the forces of good and evil wage a secret war for mortal souls. This is the tale of the Sin War – the conflict that would forever change the destiny of man. 

Bent on destroying the evil cult of the Triune, Uldyssian does not yet suspect that Inarius – secret Prophet of the Cathedral of Light – has been subtly aiding his quest. Obsessed with restoring Sanctuary to its former glory, Inarius has been playing Uldyssian against the two great religions in a reckless attempt to topple them both. But another player has slipped back into the equation. The demon Lilith, once Inarius’s lover, seeks to use Uldyssian as her own pawn in a scheme to turn humans into an army of nephalem – godlike beings, more powerful than any angel or demon, who could overturn all Creation and elevate Lilith to a supreme being.

An original tale of swords, sorcery, and timeless struggle based on the best-selling, award-winning M-rated computer game from Blizzard Entertainment. Intended for mature listeners.

©2020 Blizzard Entertainment

  • Length: 12 hours, 1 minute
  • Version: Unabridged
  • Author: Richard A. Knaak
  • Narrator: Richard Halverson
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Release Date: September 21, 2020

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