How to stream gameplay video and audio from Android to Youtube/Twitch?

In preparation for Diablo Immortal, and of course, to record Raziel: Dungeon Arena Beta I stumbled straight into a wall.

My original idea was to search for an Android app able to mirror the smartphone’s screen and audio from Android to PC.

I installed several alternatives from Google Play, and some suggested through sites I found in Google and YouTube. All of them failed miserably.

All apps I tried mirror the screen, but no audio.

Defeated, then I went for the next possible alternative. After all, the only reason I wanted to mirror video and audio from Android to PC was to make the app fullscreen on my PC monitor to record the video using OBS Studio (Windows 10, 64-bit).

Samuel Alicea Demo Reel 2020: Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal

Redditor ArcTriumvirate posted sighting of a Demo Reel by Samuel Alicea (senior texture and lookdev artist at Blizzard Entertainment).

Very good find considering this is the first time Samuel Alicea shares his work online, and he promises to share more characters in the future:

This is a compilation of my work in recent years. I have a lot more to upload and I’ll be doing some breakdowns and turntables on separate posts for the different characters. There’s a lot of them! I specialize on both Texture Painting and Look Development. This is also the first time I post any of my work online, ever!

Samuel Alicea

Diablo Immortal: Guessing Alpha and Beta

After the August 4 update, by Wyatt Cheng, we learned that Diablo Immortal had reached the milestone of entering the internal company-wide playtest phase.

That means that Diablo Immortal is now playable by members of the World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo 4, Hearthstone, and Classic Games teams; as well as satellite offices: Texas, New York, Shanghai, Taipei, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Diablo Immortal Internal Testing Begins

A few days ago, lead designer Wyatt Cheng revealed that Diablo Immortal Internal Testing would begin in upcoming weeks.

On Tuesday, August 11 at 6:50am — a Reddit Discord member that goes by the nickname SnowTyrant posted a cryptic message and left for over 24 hours that had us speculating what he meant: “I heard some whispers… Tomorrow is a BIG day.”

Cheapest 2020 Android Tablets for Diablo Immortal

Many Diablo fans complained about Diablo Immortal for various reasons, but one of them is because they don’t own a smartphone. To a degree, very understandable. The latest smartphones with Android 10 can be as expensive as a laptop, but some have dropped down in price or are cheap from the get-go.

The cheapest one is the Google Pixel 3A for $399 (Android 9) or the Google Pixel 4 around $549. There is also the newest Google Pixel 4a for $349 (currentlly, pre-orders are open. Launches on August 20, 2020).

But if you don’t want a smartphone and its monthly carrier service fee, you can go with a more productive solution.

This article will mention the cheapest tablets, and the best in the industry in terms of quality and brand. Always go with Samsung or Apple.

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