Blizzard Entertainment met with several content creators to discuss new details about Diablo Immortal before its June 2 launch.

  1. Legendary Gems: Crafting will be better with lower prices than in Beta. Easier to get 5-star legendary gems from crafting.
  1. OR/DR no more: The offensive rating and defensive rating is the most powerful stat in Beta. Now both are combined into Combat Rating.
  2. Full Customization: You can now choose lots of options for facial features. A new feature will be added later after launch where you can change your customization options with a cooldown. You can change eyes, hair, nose, mouth, forehead: depth, angle, length, width, position; and more.
  3. Warbands: A group of friends up to 8 players can play in PvE and compete with each other. Limited trading a single Legendary Item. PvE Leaderboards for Warbands. Rewards coming from leaderboards is based on participation. New way to communicate. New Menu. New Warband Stash. Warband can compete as a group in the Helliquary.
  4. Cycle of Strife: More casual friendly. Dark Houses no more. Shadows is composed of different clans. There is a new game mode named Shadow War where Shadows fight each other. Matchmaking matches you with players of the same Rank level in Shadows vs Shadows PvP. The Immortals have a new system named Corvus Expedition (nothing further explained).
  5. Armory: You can save up to 5 builds loadout. You can make a PvE build, PvP build or whatever. It remembers the Paragon Tree as well. Save gear, essence transfer, skills, legendary gems, etc. No cooldown.
  6. Challenge Rift backlog: Before, you had to clear all the Challenge Rifts in order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. If you clear Level 8 without doing Level 1-7, you get all the rewards from Level 1-7 and Level 8’s.
  7. XP to Level 60 reduced: They didn’t remove the Level 45 Required for the next part of the story campaign when you are now Level 40, but leveling is going to be faster than in Beta.
  8. Login: When you login to Diablo Immortal, you can play in all devices and all progress is saved for as long as you are login to the same account in every device.
  9. Paragon Reset: Now you can reset your Paragon Points every 7 days, and it is at a free cost each time.
  10. New Paragon Tree: Mastermind is based on group play such as Warbands. Example: Crit Hit increase if you have different classes in your group.
  11. Hellgates: New Feature in the Realm of Damnation named Hellgates. Activity where groups kill demons to close these Hellgates.
  12. Pit of Anguish dungeon: Located in the Realm of Damnation.
  13. Helliquary Leaderboards: Warbands can compete against each other for the best Helliquary Raid Leaderboard positions. The top leaderboard teams get extra Scoria.
  14. Lassal seems to be revamped with different abilities.
  15. Clans: 100 Members per Clan.
  16. Clan Names can be 2 – 25 characters long including spaces.
  17. The Immortal can choose two additional clans to join the Immortals as allies, for a total of 3 Clans per Immortal Reign.
  18. At Launch, the first Immortals are NPCs. All players will be Shadows, if they join. The process to dethrone the Immortal NPCs will take 3 weeks — exclusively for the launch. Thereafter, it will be toned back permanently to 2 weeks cycles.
  19. In Beta, there was a 1-week downtime after a new Immortal ascended, and everyone was switched to Adventurers, and not able to join the Shadows for some time. This was removed. There won’t be a downtime.
  20. Shadow War feature: You can signup to this activity on Mondays. The Shadow War is played on Thursdays and on Saturdays. This feature decides the top 10 Dark Clans that are going into the Cycle of Strife. The top 10 are selected no longer by who has the most experience points or rank or whatnot. This time it is decided by fighting each other — kinda like a tournament bracket.
  21. Raid the Vault is a bit overhauled. Shadows can only raid the Vault twice a day from 12pm – 2pm and from 7pm – 9-pm. This way Immortals can be prepared to defend the Vault. There can only be 50 Raid the Vault per day server-wide. There is a 3-minute cooldown between each Raid the Vault.
  22. Bounties and Shadow Contracts can be done solo.
  23. Queue to Dungeons from anywhere.
  24. The Cycle of Strife, the Battlegrounds, the Shadow War, and the Immortal PvP system is considered the Baseline PvP or ground level. This choice of words hints at many new PvP systems or game modes coming in the future via content patches.
  25. Blizzard will add new zones, stories, classes and features in the future for free.

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