Diablo Immortal Beta Might Be Soon + Wyatt Cheng joins Diablo Immortal Discord

Diablo Immortal Alpha for internal company-wide playtest started on August 24th, when the Diablo Immortal App in Google Play was updated. The Diablo Immortal app had not been updated since October 28, 2018 (days before BlizzCon).

Thereafter, there have been at least 6 updates to the Diablo Immortal App, listed below:

1. Mon, August 24 2020
2. Wed, August 26 2020
3. Mon, September 14 2020
4. Mon, September 21 2020
5. Thurs, October 15, 2020
6. Fri, October 16, 2020
7. Mon, October 26, 2020
8. Thurs, October 29, 2020
9. Fri, November 6, 2020
10. Tue, November 10, 2020
11. Thurs, November 12, 2020
12. Fri, November 20, 2020
13. Thurs, Dec 3, 2020
14. Mon, Dec 7, 2020
15. Tue, Dec 8, 2020
16. Thurs, Dec 10, 2020
17. Fri, Dec 11, 2020
18. Mon, Dec 14, 2020 (Technical Alpha streamers secretly invited)
19. Fri, Dec 18, 2020 (Technical Alpha begins in Australia, plus press/fansite/streamer invitations go out)
20. Tue, January 5, 2021 (Technical Alpha ends) Android at 3pm PST / iOS at 5:48pm PST
21. Thrus, January 7, 2021 (client updated: Necromancer & Crusader datamined)

More Diablo Immortal Job Openings (Oct 2020)

A new job opening that appeared in my notifications made me visit the Blizzard Careers page to search for Diablo Immortal jobs.

Last time I took a screenshot of the Diablo Immortal jobs page was August 29. I compared it against the present page, and noticed some of the jobs listed back in August are gone, and more job openings have been listed since then.

Diablo Immortal Company Playtest Updated Sept 21, 2020

This marks the fourth Diablo Immortal Company Playtest build update since Aug 24 — pushed into the Google Play Diablo Immortal webpage. So far there has been the following updates:

  • Aug 24
  • Aug 26
  • Sept 14
  • Sept 21

There is something in common about these dates. All of them fall on a Monday — except the 26th, which could have been an emergency bug fix.

Diablo: The Sin War, Scales of the Serpent Audibook Available

Blizzard Entertainment has definitely changed the way audiobooks are presented in Amazon. They no longer open pre-orders that launch months later, up to a year. They drop them overnight into the store.

The Diablo: The Sin War, Scales of the Serpent Audiobook is available for sale and you can listen to it whole right away.

Originally, this novel by Richard A. Knaak was released before Diablo III’s announcement. Most of the themes and concepts in the game are based on the novel trilogy — such as the origin of the nephalem.

BlizzCon 2021 Online Dates Announced

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the official dates for the BlizzCon 2021 Online event. Sadly, none of the juicy stuff was added to the revealed schedule. Only the special community events. All we can do is guess: Diablo 4? Overwatch 2? World of Warcraft Classic: What’s Next? Diablo Immortal?

We won’t know until Blizzard decides to share a more comprehensive schedule.

Google Android Developers helped optimize Diablo Immortal for Android 11 devices

Yesterday, the Google Android Developers blog posted an update on their latest Android GPU Inspector tool that entered Open Beta. This graphics profiler tool is available to game studios developing for the Android platform.

The Android GPU Inspector (AGI) tool finds graphic bottlenecks to help fine tune and optimize the game’s performance.

The AGI tool closed preview was available only to a few game developers — including Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase — and compatible with Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 running Android 11.

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