Summer Game Fest 2020: PS5 DualSense Controller Hands-On

Geoff Keighley had the opportunity to test the PS5 DualSense Controller during the Summer Game Fest 2020 stream.

When: July 17 at 12pm ET/ 9am PT

According to Geoff, the PS5 DualSense controller feels slightly heavier, and heftier than the PS4 DualShock controller.

You can listen to sounds from within the DualSense controller. At one point during the gameplay, Geoff blew air from his mouth into the controller to trigger an action in the game. What the hell?

It can detect different levels of input/pressure from your own breath?

When Geoff navigated through a sandstorm area, he could feel the environment’s tension through the controller, and sand noise through its speakers. You can listen to footsteps too.

With the adaptive triggers, you can move the controller sideways and the character you control in-game moves likewise.

The game will come with all PS5 consoles, free. It is the same demo given to game developers a few weeks ago to demonstrate the capabilities of the PS5 to given them an idea what they can do themselves with all the DualSense features.

Diablo 4 Quarterly Update: June 2020

Blizzard Entertainment posted today the Diablo 4 Quarterly Update. They have more or less completed a team playtest of the Dry Steppes zone internally, from home. The best highlight is the mention of a PvP subzone.

This is a very comprehensive update covering several aspects of the game:

  • Team Playtest
  • A word about Blockout
  • Storytelling
  • Open World
  • Multiplayer
  • Items and Progression

The press newsletter fleshes it out much better:

  • A new look at one of the five regions of Sanctuary: The Dry Steppes! 
  • Open World will play a big role in Diablo IV and Camps are no exception. The team shares a look at how these important locations that are overrun by enemies can be conquered by players. Once cleansed, camps become outposts with friendly NPCs and a waypoint location. 
  • A new peek at some in-game cinematics for Dry Steppes experience.
  • The team’s philosophy on Multiplayer in the Open World and how to ensure that the world of Sanctuary in Diablo IV always feels dangerous.

While there are no plans to announce Alpha or Beta testing, it is absolutely incredible to have this amount of transparency from the Diablo 4 team discussing pre-Alpha playtest and current development so early.

Better yet, wanting feedback as they move from milestone to milestone. This tops the Heroes of the Storm early development transparency and feedback harvesting of years ago. Me like that.

Theorycrafting: Diablo 4 Should Absorb Diablo 3

Just a few hours ago, Destiny 2 developers revealed there won’t be a Destiny 3. They laid out a 3-year plan for Destiny 2.

“We don’t believe a sequel is the right direction for the game.”

Current owners of Destiny 2 (PC/Mac/PS4/Xbox One) will be able to download the game free on PS5 and Xbox Series X. This means Destiny 2 is a defacto cross-platform one-time-purchase. You only need to buy one copy and you get access to the game in any platform.

Diablo 4 Might Be Closer to Testing than Anticipated

A gamer with 20-years of IT experience, poundcake_64, posted in Reddit a few hours ago something that fans might find interesting concerning Diablo 4 CDN data.

I’ve worked in IT for 20 years and have worked in data centers, networks and systems, and with developers and product managers. I am very familiar with dev ops and typical development processes and product life cycles. Having this experience, I am seeing certain patterns across Blizzard’s Diablo builds on the CDN I’d like to share with you. While I have not gained access to the underlying files to datamine I was able to ascertain quite a bit of information.

To prove my point, Blizzard are currently performing Diablo 4 RGB product integration testing with Corsair using their CUE SDK. Blizzard are also deploying a very modern version of Vivox SDK which is a voice and chat commonly used for video games, most notably this was used in Overwatch. If Blizzard was years upon years away from having a 1.0 version of the product would they being participating in RGB lightning kit and 3rd party SDKs tests?

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