Luis: Alright, so what good would all of this world, and all of these dungeons be if we didn’t have cool stuff to kill? So, as a former quest designer it really excited me to do a big world RPG in the world of Diablo, and finally get into the backgrounds, the backstories, and how all the pieces fit together — like the Fallen, for example, in the demonology. How they fit in. They’re at the lowest realm of basically that demonic hierarchy.

All the other demons just crap on them. They get the crumbs of the human remains that are left. Maybe some bones. They just taken all this insane cruelty; and then they just reflect it back into the world. So you have like Fallen Lunatics that are just ready to blow up; and like these wicked weapons with spikes, and they just look like cruel miserable creatures; but it all comes from them, taking all this cruelty in, let’s think that.

John: You kind of make me feel bad for the Fallen, and I want to kill these guys and take their stuff.

Luis: Hopefully, not too bad; but think about that next time you’re killing Bishbosch or Rakanishu. But it’s not just the iconic and genre-defining monsters of Diablo, like the Fallen.

John: We got some new stuff

Luis: We got lots of new stuff; because we’re exploring parts of the world that we’ve never been to. So here’s just one example. One taste. This is the Drowned. They are undead that come from the oceans. They’re linked to ancient maritime curses, and stuff like that. So as we move forward, we’re gonna keep exploring these families; and how they fit into the world; and how they work together as a family. So they have mechanics where they amp each other up, and they’re bigger than the sum of their parts.

John: Yeah, I love the Drowned. I have seen them come out of the coastline, which you’ll see in today’s demo. It is really striking.


1. Intro2. What is Diablo IV?3. Classes4. Character Customization
5. The World6. Dungeons7. Monsters8. Legendary Items

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