John: Alright. So we’ve talked a lot about the world above ground, but we all know that really the cool stuff in Diablo happens below ground in dungeons.

You guys wanna hear about dungeons? Alright. Well, we’ve added– we have all this cool stuff above ground, but when we say return to darkness that is a literal truth for a lot of our dungeons; and we are crafting some of the darkest, most evil spaces that you have ever explored in a Diablo game to find epic loot. We’re gonna show some of those right now. Let’s take a look. Those are your people, Luis.

Luis: I loved the first time I went to a dungeon in Diablo IV, and I realized I was at home was when the corners were dark I’m like: “Oh, this feels so right in a Diablo game,” right here, and if you play a class that brings the light show, here’s where you see it.

John: Yeah. For sure. When the players are in there, and you have that little pool of light around you in those dark corners, it just feels like home.

Luis: And of course, we should reassure you these are fully randomized. We’re building up on our know-how from D3. It’s basically the RNG 2.0. Our dungeons continue to be randomized; and not only that, but we have new features that in tomorrow’s panels you’ll get to check out.

John: And also, exterior dungeons as well that are randomly generated.

Tiffani: So, there’s one thing I’m not seeing here, John.

John: Really? Did we leave something out?

Tiffani: Where do we usually go in a Diablo game?

John: Where do you guys want to go in Diablo? Yeah, of course we’re going to Hell!

Yeah. It wouldn’t be Diablo without going to Hell, right? — and we’re doing it, and we’re really excited about it. We don’t have it here today with us, but I guarantee you in the future when you see it, we’re gonna really do it a very strong service. Yeah.


1. Intro2. What is Diablo IV?3. Classes4. Character Customization
5. The World6. Dungeons7. Monsters8. Legendary Items

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