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Kevin: Thank you, Adam. So we’re coming to the end of our formal announcements for BlizzCon. That plus whatever you can make Wyatt, trick him into leaking about the future. I want to talk about when all this stuff is coming, and how we’re going to sort it out.



So you probably heard this yesterday, but patch 2.4.3 includes the Darkening of Tristram event, and it goes on PTR next week. So if you can’t wait to find all the easter eggs, that’s a good time to get in there and help us test it, and figure out what’s happening beneath that cathedral.



But it also includes a bunch of things from today all those new legendary Travis showed, the long long long list of Rift improvements, as well as the bonus roll for legendary gems for Adventure Mode. And the dyes on the Mystic UI, and then over the course of 2017 a bunch of the other stuff starts appearing; and so it’ll sort of come onboard as it’s ready.



It’s likely going to come out in more than one patch. The Armory feature with all of the 5 loadouts that you have, the Rise of the Necromancer pack which you should definitely go and play; and you can now see, of course, the Temple of the Firstborn sneak peek at the end of that Rift if you can get there.

By the way, who got to play the Necromancer so far? Not everybody. Oops, right there. Okay. Seasons, of course, are coming to Consoles. Very excited about that. Sorry it took so long. Crafty material storage UI which got a pretty big applause. I saw. That’s great. The new zones are Shrouded Moors and the Temple of the Firstborn.

We’ll see what happens with this sneak peek of these stitched-together zones in that dream-like land that Joe showed as well (The Realm of Fate). And of course, Challenge Rifts where you can make baked goods, challenge your friends, kick their asses and then eat all those baked goods yourself with our blessing — that’s our job. And that would be coming out over the course of 2017.

So we’re going to have a question and answer period, but I did want to take a moment. I said this yesterday, but I so mean it and I really want to say it again. It has been 20 years that most of us have been together either playing this game, or making this game, or making this game and playing this game; and for you guys to be here with us through this process, through all the crazy highs and lows of Diablo III. Thank you so much.

We are not the Diablo III team. We are a small portion of that. There is a lot of people back at the office, many of whom are at the booth, who work their butts off for you guys because they love this game and they love this community. We’re paying attention and we are energized and engaged, and we hope that you guys stay that way too, and join us playing all these new features in Sanctuary next year. Thank you again, and once more: 20 more years.



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