Kevin: So this also comes with Conquests and Leaderboards. So Seasons have a competitive aspect. Those of you who like to race against your friends or against players all over the world, you can race in these Conquests; and these are very different than the things on the Season Journey. This particular example is called Speed Racer, and then this you play the campaign Acts I-V, but you play it as fast as you can.



So you ignore as much as you can, you only click where you need to click, you maximize your movement speed, you only kill what you need to kill. It’s a completely different challenge from how you normally play the story mode. And you try to be the first person to do that either again within your friends list or on the global leaderboards.

So at the end of the Season your character rejoins your main accounts, and you can take all the goodies with you and all of your experience, your paragon experience for example gets rolled into your main account. If you’ve got a lot of it, all of your toons on your main account start paying up on experience levels, and you can go spend all those points.



You can choose what items you want to take with you and those that you want to junk or don’t need, and everything all those rewards, the 6-piece sets, etc come back; and all of the cosmetics you’ve unlocked will be usable, of course, by any of your characters.



Seasons on Console Summary

Kevin: Alright. So that is the first feature we’re talking about today. Seasons on console are coming in 2017 (for PS4 and XBox One), and I would like to pass this to Wyatt to unveil more new features.

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