Adventure Mode

Joe: Alright, thanks Wyatt. Now let’s talk about Adventure Mode. We’ve got new zones for you, and they’re going to be an Act II up in the north north of Caldeum.




Joe: The first zone we want to announce today is the Shrouded Moors. This is a rain-swept windy desolate place. People have come here. They’ve tried to settle. You can see the wall that’s crumbled. Someone had a house there once. That’s gone. Monsters. Demons. It’s a harsh place, and there are ancient monuments with ruins on them from people who settled here and moved on.



We’ve got some of the concept art from the Shrouded Moors here. This is some trees that have been blown over by the wind, because it’s so unforgiving.



And another shot of those monoliths with runes. Our concept artists do all of these pieces so that we can come up with the way the zone is going to look.



This is a preview of the zone right now. It’s in development, and you can see it’s very rocky, there is a lot of plateaus, grass, it’s a dark and misty area.



Joe: The second zone that we’re doing is the Temple of the Firstborn. This is one of the oldest places in Sanctuary. In fact, it’s a place where Inarius and Lilith came, and the place where humanity first set foot upon Sanctuary. This concept piece features some monks with fire and we’re going to have some really nefarious stuff in here.



It has got this Lovecraftian-vibe which is very different from many of our other zones, and the zone is deep deep underground. There’s a relief here of a guy who is in a stained glass, having…. really it’s not going to be a good day for him, It Looks like.



And this is a paintover. We do these to get an idea of what the zone is going to look like when it’s finished, so that we can see it in very great detail, and we can plan how are we going to fill it with monsters, what is the light going to look like. Pay attention especially to the darkness of the shadows and the way that the light falls across. It’s very high contrast.



Now you may have seen a sneak peek of the zone if you got a chance to play the demo today on the floor, and if you haven’t, there’s still time. Just don’t leave now. But this is the first part of the zone that we have finished. We are working on more of it. I can notice the shadow and light interfight there. This is a very dark place.


Sneak Peek

Joe: So I told you we’ve got two new zones. But we’re also, our artists are always trying to find new ways to put Sanctuary together, and let me just show you the Realms of Fate here. You can see, of course, we’re in Westmarch. Right? I am going to go through this gate.


Everything seems normal. There’s some weird effect, but seems pretty normal, right? Now we are in the Pandemonium Fortress. So we’re trying this idea of having this sort of portal world where the zones can connect in unexpected ways, and you can move from one to the next just as you’re walking through.


This last one here transitions into this pile of bodies from Westmarch which is one of my favorite places.



So what would new zones be without new monsters, right? These are some of the concept pieces that we’re working on for the zones. We’ve got a lot of demons for the temple.



And we’ve got some other guys for the Shrouded Moor. On the left here is like a crow monster. I can see him sitting up on one of those walls in the Moors, and also for the guy on the right, seems like a perfect fit for the Temple of the Firstborn, right?



And this one, I really wanted to show you guys because it’s a great example of how we approach bringing monsters into the world. So of course, this is a shot from the Temple of the Firstborn, and one of our artists painted on these little centipedes, and this is to show how these centipedes could crawl down the walls, they could crawl across these chains. How could they emerge, and jump out scarier?



Now those are concept pieces, but we’ve also got one of the monsters that you’ll be fighting modeled out you can see on the left. And the concept of the right, this is the Shepherd.



And we’ve actually got him in-game. He’s very tentacly. He’s going to be a range caster that’s bringing up, spirit energy and channeling it at you. You’ll see these guys near the bottom of the temple.



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