Diablo Immortal Paragons

Diablo Immortal introduces Paragons with a different twist than what we have seen in Diablo III. Initially, you can pick to spend points in the Survivor tree or the Vanquisher tree.

At Paragon 50, you unlock the Treasure Hunter tree. At Paragon 101, you unlock the Gladiator tree.

Persistent Attributes offer an attribute bonus that is permanent to your character.

Specialization Skills on the other hand add a bonus to your skill while the specialization is active.

The good stuff is found in the Treasure Hunter tree. You increase your amount of gold and equipment droprate outdoors.

Reforge Stones | Diablo Immortal

Reforge Stones become available at max level, and allow you to change the attribute of your gear.

Once you acquire a Reforge Stone, head to the Blacksmith and press the Reforge tab.

You will get this UI to select the attribute you wish to change, and the option to select a Stone to randomly obtain an attribute of that stone family. You can unlock up to 3 attributes per gear at Rank 11 and Rank 16. When the item has three attributes from that family, the stone family set attribute unlocks.

Diablo Immortal Paragon Preview

In Diablo Immortal technical alpha, Paragon is unlocked at level 45. It will unlock at level 60 when the game is launched. There are four types of Paragon, and so far it looks like a linear progression:

  • Survivor – Unlocks at Paragon level 1.
  • Vanquisher – Unlocks at Paragon level 1.
  • Treasure Hunter – Unlocks at Paragon level 50.
  • Gladiator – Unlocks at Paragon level 101.

Rarities & Antiques | Diablo Immortal

Players can talk to Yakin to open up the Rarities & Antiques shop UI. All transactions are paid to Yakin in gold currency.

This Diablo Immortal feature works similarly to Kadala, where each time you buy, you get a random item with random stats.

  1. You can buy mystery items from Yakin that vary in quality.
  2. As your level increases, Yakin’s equipment will also increase in power.
  3. The price will rise for each subsequent item purchased on the same day.

Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha: In-Game Shop

The Diablo Immortal in-game shop offers only three items at the moment: Legendary Crest, Reforge Stone, and Platinum.

These can only be purchased with Eternal Orbs currency — which is obtained with Real Money.

Legendary Crest: Each Legendary Crest adds two random modifiers to an Elder Rift, grants Fading Embers to all party members, and guarantees you a Legendary Gem drop and 3 Runes.

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